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Montessori toys - the best toys for developing young children. Tips on choosing Montessori baby toys

Today there are many different toys for newborn children, but only not all of them help the child to develop and adapt in our world. If you want to order educational toys for your baby, you should pay attention to Montessori toys, which are presented in our shop Woollyfox.

Montessori toys: what is special about them?

Freedom is the main principle of the Montessori method. A baby should develop and learn freely. In this way, he is helped by toys, which should be in their places and in constant access. Only in this case, the baby will be able to choose what, when and how much to do. In addition, ordinary toys will not work here, it is important that parents buy special Montessori toys. What are their peculiarities?

  • Natural materials. Wood is a safe and interesting material for the baby. Different textures, temperatures and weights help your baby to improve his tactile senses and to get to know the world better. In addition, such materials are safe.
  • Simplicity and understandability. One toy hones one skill. Multifunctionality and excessive brightness confuse children and emotionally overload them.
  • No acid bright colors, no harsh sounds. All Montessori baby toys are as similar as possible to real objects, with melodious and pleasant colors.

Top 3 types of Montessori baby toys

In our natural wood toys shop you can find and buy these types of Montessori baby toys:

  1. Pyramid. Montessori "pyramid" is an amazing baby toy that perfectly combines educational and entertaining functions. This game is a set of wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes, which the child can assemble and disassemble, creating their own unique constructions. The main idea of this toy is to develop motor skills, coordination of movements and logical mind of the kid.
  2. Geometric figures. This is an amazing series of baby toys specially designed for the development of babies and their knowledge of the world through shapes and colors. These toys consist of colorful wooden blocks with different geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, rectangles and squares. Each figure has its own unique shape and color, which helps children develop recognition and classification skills.
  3. Puzzles. Such toys are sets consisting of a variety of figures with different contours and sizes. Each wooden figure is carefully carved and uniquely shaped, which helps develop children's observation and matching skills. The child can explore different ways to connect these figures by finding the right places for each one.

How to choose a Montessori toy for your baby?

Before you order a Montessori toy, it is important to remember that every baby is unique. Someone at 1.5 years old knows how to correctly assemble a pyramid, someone else manages to do it only after 2 years. The first thing to pay attention to is the interests and hobbies of the baby. A good toy should cover the needs of your child and help him to master important skills for life.

In our shop Woollyfox you can find a wide range of wooden Montessori baby toys designed for children of all ages. In our shop you can easily place an order and buy the perfect toy that meets your baby's needs. All our toys are made of natural wood, have a pleasant texture and are absolutely safe for babies.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience in our Woollyfox shop!