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Collection: Montessori toys

Offer the best to your kids with simple but useful and nice Montessori playthings

The choice of modern toys for babies and toddlers is extremely wide. Bright items with lights and sound attract our attention. However, are they really useful and good for our little ones? The majority of mass-produced playthings are created to just entertain a child and not to motivate him or her to interact with the toy and develop. If you are searching for an alternative to such playing things, it’s a wonderful idea to opt for Montessori toys and the corresponding system of development and education. With the handmade playthings from the Woollyfox store, you will give the best childhood to your little ones.

What are Montessori toys?

Such items are created based on the Montessori Method that supports independent learning of kids with the help of a trial and error approach. Thus, it’s possible to motivate infants to experiment with various objects and find their own ways to manipulate playthings. The main idea is that a kid has an active role in any game. It’s the opposite approach to the majority of mass-produced toys and popular activities, with which children are more passive and take the position of observers.

Montessori playthings are created to motivate the use of imagination, develop problem-solving skills, motor skills, and many other things that stimulate the brain and physical development. The method of Montessori is developed to help kids learn from their surroundings, the people around them, and, finally, themselves.

There are several distinctive features of Montessori toys, which make them different from common mass-produced ones:

  • They are created based on real objects and activities. Children up to 6 years old aren’t able to differentiate real life from fantasy. They just accept things they see and use. Thus, it’s crucial to provide them with something real to explore the world. It will help avoid any confusion and add to the development of intelligence.
  • They concentrate on one skill at a time. According to the method, a limited number of playthings should be accessible to a child. Thus, it’s possible to master one or a few skills thanks to an opportunity to concentrate. There are no multifunctional playable things that usually create a distraction.
  • They are simple and natural. The simplicity of Montessori toys makes them understandable for children. Such items don’t have flashing lights, aggressive colors, or sounds. Besides, there are no batteries, which can potentially cause significant harm to a child. Montessori playthings will never lead to overstimulation. In addition, the materials selected are usually ecologically friendly, cheap, and non-toxic.
  • They are aimed at teaching basic issues. With such items, kids can learn about geometry, sorting, color matching, developing fine motor skills, and so on. This development will be absolutely natural.
  • They help motivate the independent playing process. Children can choose what and how to play. It’s always possible to play with other kids or parents. However, Montessori playthings are interesting for independent play as well. Thus, parents might have some time for their chores and still take care of the development of a child.
  • They are usually open-ended. It’s not the type of a thing, which will become useless and uninteresting after a few gaming sessions. Such items can’t be ‘complete’, so kids are able to find more ways to manipulate such objects.

What are Montessori products made of?

For the creation of such products, safe and natural materials are used. In most cases, wood is the best choice. It’s a natural and eco-friendly material. Thus, it’s safe and pleasant to hold in hand. Other nice materials can also be used. They usually include felt and wool, which are soft and will never do any harm to a kid. Sometimes, ceramics and metal are also applied. The main idea is the introduction of children to real-world materials, which can be seen in everyday objects that are used for a variety of purposes.

One of the distinctive characteristics of these products is surfaces, which are diverse and created to naturally stimulate children’s development. Their elements can be varnished with linseed oil or painted with safe paints. The key thing is also the choice of attractive and natural colors.

The diversity of Montessori toys at the Woollyfox store

The Woollyfox store is a creative workshop, where you can find perfect playthings and other items for your children. We offer a great collection of high-quality Montessori toys for children of various ages. The catalog includes the following varieties:

  • Various rattles
  • Ring pyramids
  • Balancing stones and numerous sorting toys
  • Building blocks
  • Puzzles (including those for painting)
  • Lacing and threading toys
  • Kitchen sets, etc.

The assortment includes both wooden natural toys and wooden painted toys. The variety of items will help choose a suitable product for a child of any age. There are items for babies useful from their first days of life due to the fact they are helpful in developing basic skills. The assortment also offers products for toddlers and older kids, which will support them in the development of more complex skills and exploration of the world. All toys are high-quality, pleasant to touch & hold in hand, and beautiful. They offer various ways of manipulation so that every child can use imagination.

Why should you buy Montessori toys at the Woollyfox store?

Here, at the Woollyfox workshop, we take care of all our customers and try to offer the best toys and other products to them. High-quality materials, low prices, and a wide choice of toys will allow everyone to make a perfect choice for 1, 2, 3, 4 year old children. Montessori toys might become a wonderful part of your collection. Just order those you like the most and then replace the elements to stimulate the natural development of your little ones. The store also offers many products on sale to make educational toys affordable.

Make an order at our shop, and we will organize fast delivery of the products to any part of Europe and the USA.