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Collection: Easter decorations

Make the celebration of Easter special with pretty handmade decorations

Being an important Christian holiday, Easter bears a special symbolism for millions of people. This holiday is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Christ, which is why it’s always full of joy, inspiration, and hope. According to our history, Easter has certain roots in pagan traditions, which are pre-Christian. The symbolism is strongly associated with spring, new life, and fertility. Due to this, various decorations are used to make the holiday beautiful and create a festive mood on this important holy day.

Easter decorations and their symbolism

It’s very important to understand the meaning each ornament bears. Let’s observe the main ones:

  • Eggs. Such items are a symbol of new life and rebirth. For Christians, the shell represents the tomb of Jesus and its cracking symbolizes His resurrection. The tradition of decorating eggs comes from the 13th Today, there are certain traditions connected with eggs such as egg hunting and egg rolling. Such events are not actually connected with religion but they have become a part of the celebration in the USA. For instance, the first official egg rolling was organized in 1878.
  • Bunny. In fact, there’s no clear connection of this creature with Christian traditions. This symbol comes from ancient times when rabbits were considered to be prolific procreators and symbolized fertility and new life. Many kids today are waiting for Easter Sunday when the bunny will bring eggs to them. They often prepare carrots to treat a rabbit hungry after a long journey.
  • White pigeon. This bird bears a very special meaning in numerous cultures. For Christians, it represents harmony, mercy, wellness, and persistence. Various garlands with these birds can perfectly decorate your home and make it cozy and ready for the holiday.

Types of popular Easter ornaments: the best ideas

There are numerous ways to make your home and particularly festive table look special. Consider a few popular interesting ideas:

  • Easter eggs on display. There’s nothing more common for Easter than the use of eggs in decorations. Nice decorative domes might be used to make the inside of your home unusual and prepare for the celebration. To make the composition complete, it’s possible to add moss and a handmade nest.
  • Table centerpieces. It’s a very nice decision to place a composition with eggs and other elements on your festive table. You can add seasonal flowers and make a focal point.
  • Easter baskets. Such décor might become a wonderful addition to any place of your house on Easter. Eggs, flowers, rabbits, and other handmade elements might create a mesmerizing composition and create a festive mood.
  • Different handmade decorative elements can be used for the creation of unique wreaths. The latest are able to decorate doors (inside or outside of the house), mantels, or other places in your house. They are very nice and easy to create.

The benefits of handmade ornaments for Easter

Decorations for Easter celebrations made by hand are unique and extremely beautiful. Many people want to make their house and festive table special, so it’s a perfect solution for this. Here are some advantages of handmade ornaments:

  • They are high-quality. Everything made by the hands of inspired creators will always be better than mass-produced products. Every decorative element is carefully stitched or glued to make it look perfect separately or in the future composition.
  • They are made of carefully selected materials. It’s important to choose safe and eco-friendly products. Handmade ornaments are always the best choice. Soft fabrics, natural materials, and ecologically friendly paints and varnish are applied for their creation.
  • They contain a piece of heart. All handmade elements always contain a piece of heart of the designer and are able to transfer warmth and love. Thus, hand made Easter decorations will make your celebration even more meaningful.
  • They are diverse. Each product is produced without patterns that are applied in mass production. As a result, each of them is unique. It’s possible to choose numerous varieties of ornaments because the imagination of the designers is truly endless.
  • They are durable. Handmade products presuppose constant quality control. It means that such ornaments will serve for years and never lose their visual appearance.
  • They are affordable. You can buy handmade ornaments at a low price and even create your own compositions with them.

The choice of Easter decorations at the Woollyfox online store

Here, at the Woollyfox workshop, we create unique products inspired by traditions and people. We make every element with love and care for our clients. The diversity of decorations includes various sorts of products to make your Easter special:

  • Eggs and chickens for decoration
  • Easter Crosses
  • White rabbits
  • Garlands with white pigeons
  • Garlands with carrots
  • Bunny garlands and many other ornaments.

We offer various symbols of Easter, which allow you not just to decorate your house but also to use them for your own compositions that you can make with your family and friends. Garlands and other decorative elements are supplemented with artificial green leaves, berries, and furniture. They are cute and funny so they help create a festive mood.

Why should you buy Easter decorations at the Woollyfox online store?

The Woollyfox online workshop is glad to offer original products of various sizes and shapes made of high-quality and safe materials, which include felt, wool, and others. We take care to make every detail clear and nice. Various decorations will become a wonderful choice for your home, classroom, or any other place you want to decorate. They look amazing as decorations for doors, staircases, walls, and mantels. All you need is to use your fantasy.

The Woollyfox online store offers products at affordable prices and many items on sale. Choose separate items or a collection of ornaments to make a perfect décor. We can also organize fast delivery of orders across Europe and the USA to help you and your family celebrate Easter happily wherever you are.