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WoollyFox is the ambassador of a happy childhood and calm motherhood!

We are a Star seller on Etsy with over 550 positive customer reviews. Go to the link below and see for yourself! We use natural, eco friendly and safe materials for your babies

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  • Kendyl on Sep 14, 2022

    "I can't even accurately describe how much I love these little ghosts. I debated for a long time whether I should place my order as I didn't want to put anyone in danger trying to get my package mailed. I'm glad I placed my order as I can support a business when it really matters and these ghosts bring me such joy. They are so cute and great quality. I believe this is a holiday decor item that I'll cherish for my lifetime."

  • Mary Ann Pershyn on Jun 14, 2022

    "I ordered 9 yellow girls and they are all crafted beautifully. My grandaughters and daughter in laws will love them. We are all Ukrainian! I am excited to give them out at Christmas!! Thank You"

  • Nicole on Dec 16, 2022

    "These little Gingerbread family is super sweet! Exactly as advertised, & received in a timely fashion from the Ukraine! Made well & a good quality decoration."

Give everyone you love a piece of your heart with handmade toys and decor from the Woollyfox store

In the world of mass products, it becomes more and more difficult to find something warm and truly unique. Woollyfox is a creative workshop, where talented designers want to revive the culture of crafting and create original items with a piece of heart. With a great choice of products, everyone will find wonderful items for themselves, their children, friends, family, and other people. Open the world of high-quality handmade products from the Woollyfox online store — the ambassador of a happy childhood and calm motherhood.

The assortment of the Woollyfox store

The warm atmosphere and the diversity of handmade products are those things that welcome every visitor to the store. We try to take care of everyone, which is why our designers create a wide range of different products. The catalog includes the following sections:

  • Products for babies. We take care of the happy childhood and natural development of your children. Due to this, the store offers various categories of products for children of different ages, including babies, toddlers, and older kids. Among them, there are crib mobiles made of soft and safe materials with bright toys that attract the attention of a baby, play gyms with replaceable elements, playable food made of felt, and various Montessori and educational toys.
  • Stuffed To make your kids or other people you love happy and cheer them up, the soft toys are a perfect choice. They have nice and original designs and are extremely pleasant to touch. Besides, such products can be used as great comforters or plush toys for sleep for your kids. There are various real and fantasy creatures presented in the catalog, which are characterized by bright but natural colors.
  • Patriotic souvenirs. Our manufacturing is located in Ukraine, so we want to express our support and love towards our country in this hard time we are going through. By buying our affordable and cute souvenirs made by our hands, you can also express your devotion and warmth to all the people who live in Ukraine. The products are beautiful and peaceful. They reflect our traditional culture and our souls.
  • Interior decorations. With our help, you can make every holiday really special and decorate your home in your own original way. The catalog offers numerous garlands and ornaments, which reflect the symbols of different holidays. Buy nice decor for Easter, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, St. Valentine’s Day, and other significant occasions. Our ornaments are carefully made by hand to decorate your walls, windows, staircases, mantels, and other places inside or outside the house.
  • It’s hard to find a more pleasant present for a holiday than the one made by hand. Thanks to the work of our talented designers, high-quality presents for various holidays can be purchased at a low price. At the store, you can find gifts for a certain occasion or for giving a present without a reason. In addition, there’s a unique collection of zodiac sign gifts to make a gift personalized. Such items will definitely cheer people up and express your warmest feelings.
  • Wool products. Needle felting is one of the popular types of crafting. And our designers are excellent in the creation of wool toys and decorations with special tools and natural materials. We create nice and realistic animals, pet toys, and other interesting things.
  • Sets and items for crafting. We not only create original products with our own hands but we are also glad to help others try such a hobby in order to support DIY It’s very easy to start with sets of tools for needle felting, numerous PDF patterns, which are understandable even for beginners, and various accessories to make your DIY items complete and beautiful.

What is special about the Woollyfox store?

Woollyfox is a workshop, where handmade toys and various decorations are created. The designers get inspired by people and the beauty of nature. Due to this, only carefully selected and safe materials are used for the creation of our items. We use natural wool, felt, cotton, soft yarn, acorns, natural wood, and other ecologically friendly materials. We also pay attention to the shapes and colors and make them as natural and pleasant to the eye as possible. Thanks to such an approach, all creative products look exceptionally beautiful and unique. Our designers also use safe techniques for painting and treating. The paints and varnishes used are bad-chemicals-free, so they are suitable even for your little ones.

With a special emphasis on mothers and kids, we provide a great variety of items for them, including various toys, blankets, and educational items. We never forget about other categories of customers and help them raise their spirits, nicely decorate their houses, and express certain feelings and emotions with unique gifts.

While the materials used are of high quality, they are also simple and cheap. Thanks to this, we offer our creative products at a low price. Besides, the catalog includes numerous items on sale. The Woollyfox online store is a special place, where we want to make every customer happy. Thus, we offer fast delivery of handmade products across Europe and the USA.

How to make an order at the Woollyfox store?

We offer a very nice and user-friendly interface to help everyone comfortably make an order. All you need is to:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Look at the catalog (explore definite sections you are interested in).
  3. Add the selected item to the cart (in the majority of cases, our products are customizable, so our clients can choose sizes, colors, and other options according to their preferences).
  4. Place an order.

It’s possible to safely pay with any type of your bankcard or use a PayPal system.

Our best products are made with love and are able to transfer this wonderful feeling at a distance. Make an order and feel the warmth of our numerous handmade toys and decorations and make your home and life cozier!