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Make this St. Valentine’s Day unforgettable and romantic with our handmade ornaments

People around the world have someone they love and cherish. A perfect time to express the warmest feelings is Saint Valentine’s Day. On this day, millions of lovers organize special dates in order to impress the other half. Besides, it’s a wonderful time to propose because the chances of getting a positive response on this day become much higher. All in all, St. Valentine’s is the day for parties and celebrations. And with handmade decorations from the Woollyfox online store, it’s possible to make your house look mesmerizing and give unique hand made Valentines day gifts to the people you love.


The meaning of St. Valentine’s Day

This romantic holiday is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. It is popular in various countries across the world. This holiday takes root in the past. Many sources say it came from the ancient Roman fertility festival Lupercalia, during which young ladies were to place the papers with their names into a special box. After this, men randomly selected a name and were romantically connected to a woman chosen during the following year. After a while, this tradition was changed. Instead of women’s names, the names of saints were put into the box. And people were to choose those they would emulate for the following year. Still, the tradition of seeking affection and writing messages survived in the people’s minds. There are many other legends connected with this romantic holiday. However, the majority of them are just fictions that allow people to tell interesting stories that touch their hearts.

Independent of what legends people believe in connection with St. Valentine’s, they know about this special day and its symbols:

  • Many people consider the heart a symbol of love. Popular heart symbols don’t actually imitate the real hearts of a human being but they look pretty and perfectly match greeting cards. People have always been sure that the deepest and most sincere emotions and feelings are hidden inside our hearts. Thus, it’s not surprising that it is now one of the important symbols of this holiday.
  • Red roses. It’s a wonderful tradition to give flowers on St. Valentine’s Day. Red roses are special because they bear a significant meaning in the language of flowers. Roses themselves are a classic choice to express feelings while red roses are able to tell about a deep and passionate love. Besides, roses are the favorite flowers of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.
  • White doves are traditionally considered the birds of love. Due to this, they are popular during weddings and of course during this festive day. Doves are also Venus’ favorite. They choose a pair just once and stay together for their whole life. Being a reflection of love and loyalty, they are one of the prominent symbols of the holiday.
  • In the ancient Roman mythology, Cupid was the god of love. He was thought to be a winged messenger of other gods. In numerous images, he carries a bow and arrows, which he uses to evoke love and passion in the hearts of people.

Many other symbols can be used for decorations of the house or preparation for the parties and special dates. Red and white are the two most popular colors on this holiday. Feel free to use them and the symbols of the holiday in their various interpretations to celebrate the Day of Love.


The advantages of handmade ornaments and gifts on St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to reveal your true feelings. Millions of people across the globe do the same. Due to this, it’s hard to find something unique for a present or house decoration. Mass products resemble each other a lot while everyone wants to find something more personalized and heartfelt. The best choice is to buy one of the handmade items and impress your other half or the people you love.

Here are several important benefits of cheap handmade products:

  • High-quality materials. When items are created by hand, every material is carefully selected to provide exceptional quality, durability, safety, and a perfect visual look.
  • Unique It’s impossible to find two identical handmade products even if they look similar. Each item is created by the hands of the designer with great attention to detail. Thus, such products will help originally decorate a house, make a beautiful proposal, a declaration of love, or simply make an interesting or fun gift.
  • Good vibe. Everything made by hand contains a piece of the heart of the designer. Thus, when you choose such items as gifts, the receiver will definitely feel they are loved and cherished. Besides, the choice of handmade products requires more time and devotion compared to the purchase of heartless mass-produced goods.
  • Great diversity. The choice of handmade products for kids and adults is broad. It’s possible to find both cute and funny gifts and decorations depending on the buyer’s personal tastes and preferences.


The varieties of handmade products at the Woollyfox store

The Woollyfox store is a creative workshop, where it’s possible to choose from an impressive collection of products made by the hands of our talented designers. Our items are created with attention to detail and contain traditional symbols of the holiday. Besides, we use only high-quality and safe materials, such as wool, felt, acorns, etc. Here are a few varieties you can find in the catalog for him and for her:

  • Beautiful garlands and banners featuring hearts, words of love, and other cute things
  • Funny pocket toys with greeting cards
  • Anatomic wool hearts
  • Mesmerizing animal ornaments
  • Homemade gifts in boxes
  • Sets for proposal, etc.

With a great choice of products, it’s possible to make your St. Valentine’s Day truly special. Original gifts and decorations will make everyone you love happy. Our handmade items are available at a low price. There are also many products on sale.

Make an order and we will deliver your holiday decorations and gifts across the US and Europe.