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Collection: Educational toys

Help your kids naturally develop according to their age with handmade educational toys

Every good parent wants a child to gradually grow and develop. The choice of toys is always a task because there’re so many of them today presented at stores. We do not always understand this fact but the choice of suitable playing things can significantly influence the right and fast education of our little ones. And there’s nothing better for them than handmade items made with love and care.


What are educational toys?

Such playing things are traditional objects to play for kids. However, they are more well-thought-out and created to let children of various ages naturally develop and learn new skills. Such items are able to effectively stimulate learning by transforming the process into an exciting game. With the help of playing things for education, it’s possible not just to develop new important skills but also to help teach essential information on various subjects.

Such products are represented by simple small objects, which help imitate various activities of adults. Thus, children can not just play but discover the real world. Educational items are created to motivate more interaction of children with playing things.

Playing things of such a type always have an educational purpose. Besides, being designed by hand, they are nice, bright, and safe for our little ones. They can be used to let a kid play alone or together with adults.


The purposes handmade toys are created for

Handmade items are diverse to help parents find the perfect piece for every task they have. Consider the main aims educational playing things might be used for:

  • The development of intellectual skills. Intellectual development is one of the important aspects of children’s education. Thanks to high-quality items, it is easy and interesting to teach a kid to solve a problem, develop their memory, think critically, and concentrate.
  • The development of creativity and imagination. Hand made educational toys are extremely encouraging. Thus, they allow our little ones to explore and discover new interesting issues about the objects. Children can experiment with different features of such toys and develop new ideas. As a result, they can learn how to think outside the box from the earliest age.
  • Emotional development. Emotions are a very complicated thing, especially for kids who are not able to control them. That’s why social and emotional development with the help of handmade playable items is essential for their mental health and natural development. While playing together with others, children can learn to negotiate, cooperate with other kids and adults, and take turns. In addition, such educational items are best for the development of communication skills, which are an integral part of our lives.
  • The development of motor skills. The majority of handmade educational items motivate infants to use various motor skills to manipulate a toy. As a result, agility and hand-eye coordination can be naturally developed.

Toys for education are created for various age groups in order to help kids develop according to their age. Thus, with the help of them, it’s possible to develop not only basic skills but also more advanced ones. The latest include numbers learning, color matching, spelling, etc.


The benefits of handmade educational toys

Compared to mass-produced products, handmade items have many advantages. Let’s consider a few of them:

  • They stimulate learning and development. Compared to modern products, which can make sounds or lights, handmade educational playing things make a kid do something with them. Thus, a child is active during the game, while the latest becomes more interesting and useful.
  • They are made of high-quality and safe materials. No plastic is ever used. Soft and pleasant-to-touch materials are safe and eco-friendly. In addition, they develop sensory activity.
  • They are affordable. It’s possible to buy such products at a low price. They will become a good investment due to various ways of their usage and effectiveness in kids’ development.
  • They are durable. All toys are made by hand with the help of carefully selected materials. They are easy to take care of and can be used for dozens of years.
  • They are bright and colorful. Handmade playing things are pleasant to the eye. They have natural colors, which don’t fade and reflect the colors of the real world.
  • They are created for various age groups. It’s possible to find perfect toys depending on the age of your little one based on the defined educational purpose.


How to choose educational toys?

It’s very important to correctly select toys in order to help your kid develop. Here are several key recommendations:

  1. Take the age of your little one into account. It will help define the educational purpose. Babies will require toys for the development of basic skills, which are mostly connected with sensory and hand-eye coordination. Toddlers will like more complicated playing things to learn about animals and ways to manipulate the objects. Older children will like learning numbers or the alphabet with the help of handmade toys for education.
  2. Consider the interests and preferences of your kid. Think about what he or she is fond of, which colors and animals he or she likes, etc.
  3. Look at open-ended toys. It’s perfect when they can be used in numerous ways so they can help develop not one but several skills and diversify the pastime of your little one.


Handmade educational toys at the Woollyfox store

If you are looking for the best and most exciting things to develop your children naturally, observe the catalog of our Woollyfox workshop. We carefully select each toy with our own hands and put a piece of soul into every product. The assortment offers educational items for 1, 2, 3, 4 year olds to develop the necessary skills. We use only high-quality materials and bright but natural colors to help your little ones discover and explore the real world in a playful way.

Woollyfox offers cheap and beautiful products as well as many items on sale. We will deliver your orders across the USA and Europe to support every parent in the natural education of their children.