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Collection: St. Patricks day decor and gift

Make your house look special on Saint Patrick’s Day with handmade decorations from Woollyfox

Every holiday has its special meaning. On some holidays, we decorate our houses with the help of various ornaments or things. St. Patrick’s Day stands as a cherished holiday, deeply intertwined with the rich tapestry of Irish heritage. Its very essence pays homage to the revered saint of the Irish people, weaving a vibrant thread that fortifies and celebrates cultural legacy.

Today, this special holiday is celebrated in various parts of the world (not only in Ireland) in the middle of March. Even though it’s strongly connected with Irish traditions, it doesn’t matter, what your nationality or culture is because the celebration of this holiday is always exciting and festive, interwoven with a good mood, joy, and emotions that it brings to everyone. You can use hand made St. Patricks day decor and gifts to create a festive and joyous atmosphere in your household or another place.


What is special about St. Patrick’s Day?

The holiday has gained worldwide spreading and popularity. People of different cultures adore celebrating it because indispensable parts of it are delicious foods, beer, and green-colored clothes and things. In various parts of the USA (and some other world countries), special parades are organized on this day.

Those who desire to celebrate usually wear green clothes, various accessories, and jewelry. Inspired fans of this holiday use certain Irish phrases to seem more authentic. Surely, it’s also impossible to omit Irish dances, which are a part of the Irish culture and immensely fun. They usually become a part of any activity during parties organized to celebrate this holiday.

On this holiday, the connected symbols are of importance. Here are the main ones, which you can use for home decorations:

  • It’s definitely the most recognized symbol of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. It is a clover with 3 leaves and signifies luck for the majority of people. According to the beliefs, St. Patrick used it as a representation of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As time passed, the shamrock became widespread as a symbol of luck more than a symbol of the Trinity, sometimes, being depicted with 4 leaves. Being a green plant, it also made the corresponding color the primary one during the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Those cunning creatures came from the Irish folklore and legends of Celts. In modern pop culture, they are often depicted as funny and cute but the Irish people know that leprechauns are deceiving creatures. Since the old days, they were considered mischievous fairies with magic powers. Leprechauns were thought to be cobblers who were paid with gold for their work. According to the myths, they kept their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. Another legend says that if you’re lucky to catch a leprechaun, he will grant 3 wishes to you. But it’s important to be careful with these creatures — they adore to trick. Being important symbols of the holiday, they can be used for house decorations. If you don’t want to, then do not use the entire creature: parts of their clothing or items connected with them are also a good choice (such as the leprechaun’s hat, a pot of gold, a rainbow, or other symbols).
  • Golden horseshoe. It is a great symbol that provides protection from evil. It’s connected with the legend about Saint Dunstan and the Devil. The Devil asked him to shoe the Devil’s horse. However, a smart man nailed the horseshoe to the Devil’s foot instead of it. He agreed to remove it only when the Devil gave a promise to never come to houses that had a horseshoe on their doors.

Usage of various symbols is able to make this holiday special, nicely prepare for the party, and create a festive mood. To make the decorations even more unique and authentic, choose handmade items to create an admirable atmosphere.


The advantages of handmade decorations for St. Patrick’s Day from Woollyfox

Any items made by the hands of people are special. Compared to mass-produced items, they are more beautiful and detailed and have their own individuality. Besides, the creators always take care of the quality of every element. Let’s observe several benefits of handmade products to decorate your house for St. Patrick’s Day:

  • High-quality materials. Talented designers are fully devoted to their work and carefully select all the materials and elements. As a result, the decorations are safe, ecologically friendly, and pleasant to touch.
  • Impressive diversity of cool In the catalog of handmade products, it’s possible to find unique varieties of decorations. There are no pre-manufactured patterns used, so every element is created by the designers’ hands. It’s impossible to find two identical products. Thus, everyone can originally decorate their house.
  • Amazing visual look. Such decorative items are very beautiful and fun. They can be used not just as ornaments but also as gifts for everyone who you would like to congratulate on this holiday.
  • All our high-quality products are available at a low price, so everyone can afford them and make their house look festive and unique.


Types of decorations at Woollyfox

Our creative workshop offers a wide collection of decorative products and toys, which are able to create a wonderful mood for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. Consider the diversity of ornaments available:

  • Needle felted toys
  • Symbolic elements (such as the shamrock, horseshoe, leprechaun, etc.), which can be used for decorations or as a part of your own handmade compositions
  • Garlands made of wool and natural materials
  • Sets of ornaments with leprechauns, flags, rainbows, etc.

Our products are made of high-quality materials that include felt, wool, acorns, and others. Every item is hand-stitched to provide durability and strength. The collection of products for decoration is constantly updated because the imagination of our designers thrives.


Why should you decorate with the Woollyfox store?

Thanks to the wide collection of decorative elements, every customer is able to find and buy a perfect set of decorations to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We offer cheap products as well as many items on sale. Woollyfox can also organize the delivery of orders across Europe and the USA to help everyone make their holiday special.