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Collection: Halloween decorations

Prepare for an ideal Halloween with our handmade decorations

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated on the 31st of October in the USA and many other countries across the world. It has its roots in pagan, Celtic, Christian cultures and secular traditions. According to the beliefs, during this time, the barrier between the real physical world and the spirit world gets very thin and actually opens for a night, so the spirits of the dead come to Earth. This holiday is known for exciting celebrations, which is attractive not only for those who believe. That’s why house decorations for Halloween have already become a tradition for numerous families. At the Woollyfox store, you can find the best unique products at a low price to make your entire house look wonderful on Halloween.


Why do people decorate a house for Halloween celebrations?

To celebrate a spooky mystic holiday, many people decorate their homes to make them look appropriate. The process usually starts 1 or 2 weeks before the holiday night. According to the tradition, the corresponding decorations are able to scare away evil spirits and protect the house and people inside. However, today, it has become more of a funny tradition, which allows people to express themselves, use their imagination, and decorate their homes originally for celebration.

Considering the atmosphere of the holiday, the corresponding decorative elements are usually used. There might be ghosts, bats, and various dark-colored ornaments. Like any other holiday, Halloween has its specific symbols, which also become a part of every decoration. In general, they are divided into the symbols of harvest, death, and evil. The key ones are as follows:

  • Jack-o'-lantern. This symbol is represented by a pumpkin. The latest is connected with an old tradition of Celts who carved turnips on the eve of the holiday. An ember was then put inside it in order to keep evil spirits away. After the holiday spread to the USA, pumpkin replaced turnip. Face carving is connected with Stingy Jack, who is believed to play tricks on people in the old times. Due to this, he stayed on the earth even after death. And numerous pumpkins on windowsills and in other places of the house are used as a symbol of protection.
  • This symbol is one of the most common on Halloween. A witch riding through a full moon is widely used in decorations. While in the past, witches were considered wise healers with supernatural skills, the church connected their abilities only with evil. As a result, they are now considered more negative characters.
  • Black cat. Even in the old times, such creatures were connected with something evil. Druids believed that bad people were able to transform into black cats. Besides, those cats are often considered the companions of witches. At the same time, in the cultures of many countries, black cats are considered a symbol of luck, which is indispensable from Halloween.
  • Skeleton. This symbol is a direct reminder of all of us being dust in the wind, so such a symbol is frequently used on Halloween to decorate a house. The great popularity of skeletons led to a full-fledged fashion trend. And today, it’s possible to find skeletons of cats, birds, dogs, and numerous other animals.
  • Such a symbol has a wider meaning because it not only symbolizes Halloween but also denotes the fall season and the harvest. It’s possibly one of the ‘long-lasting’ symbols because it can stay in its place until Thanksgiving Day (and then it can be actually moved to fields to perform its direct function).
  • Candy corn. It is a modern transformation of the Celtic corn symbol. It symbolizes the end of the harvest and the change of the seasons. Candies are obligatory on Halloween, so candy corn became a perfect solution.

Halloween is the time when people traditionally wear costumes, visit other people’s houses to do trick-or-treats, and go to parties. The costumes are represented by various scary characters from books, movies, and legends, so they can also be successfully used for house decorations to make a house prominent.


The benefits of handmade decorations for Halloween from Woollyfox

There’s nothing more effective for making a house unique than buying decorative elements made by hand. It’s a guarantee that anybody will hardly have the same ornaments. There are also many other advantages of handmade products:

  • They are created of high-quality and carefully selected materials. The elements are made of felt, yarn, natural materials, cotton, satin ribbons, hollow fiber, and other safe and ecologically friendly materials. Only safe paints and varnishes are used if any covering is required.
  • They are durable. Each product is hand-stitched in order to guarantee its long life and strength. The decorations are also easy to take care of.
  • They are represented by diverse Halloween symbols. In the catalog, there are all popular symbols of the holiday presented in different interpretations. Thus, it’s possible to buy the whole collection for house decoration.
  • They are versatile. It’s possible to use handmade products in many different ways. You might decorate your walls, windows, staircases, mantels, doors, outdoor yards, etc. Besides, such items might become wonderful gifts on Halloween for your friends and relatives.


Why should you buy hand made Halloween decorations at the Woollyfox store?

Our store is a creative workshop, where we make unique products to impress our clients and make their homes look perfectly ready for celebration. The collection of items includes diverse garlands, hanging ornaments, decorative bottles, sets of toys, dolls, and many other things represented by bats, ghosts, vampires, witches, monsters, cats, devils, and other fantastic creatures and symbols of the holiday.

Even the scariest characters implemented by the hands of our talented designers look funny, cute, and pleasant to the eye. Our imagination is endless, so we keep creating new products for the decoration of every house and the creation of a festive mood.

Choose from the great collection of our cheap products or out of numerous items on sale, make an order at the Woollyfox online store, and we will deliver your ornaments for Halloween across the USA and Europe to make your holiday unforgettable.