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Collection: Baby play gym

Handmade baby play gyms — perfect toys for your child’s fun and development

It’s extremely important to take care of the development of your baby from the first days of life. The way your little one passes the time can have a significant influence on the future education and the development of skills. Baby play gyms, which are made by the caring hands of the Woollyfox designers, will become a wonderful addition to any collection of toys and stimulate the natural development of your child.

What is a baby play gym?

These playing things are created as special constructions that hang over a baby. They include diverse elements that are colorful and attractive to a child. In the majority of cases such contractions are also supplemented with a mat, where your little one can safely and comfortably lie and play on the floor.

Such items are suitable for children from the earliest days of life and help them naturally and gradually develop in various directions. The playthings are not just colorful and exciting for a baby, they are able to create an educational environment.

Play gyms baby are nice due to the opportunity to use them for several years. The ways children can manipulate the toy depend on their age. For example, the smallest ones can just lie and follow the hanging object with their eyes. Later, when a grasping reflex develops, a child can grab various toys, feel their shapes and textures, and develop more complex skills.

Baby gyms are extremely advantageous because they help parents teach their little ones in a pleasant and natural way. Besides, such a toy can evoke interest in a child, so parents can have some time for their household chores or other personal affairs.

Let’s observe the main skills, which might be easily developed with such items:

  • Such playthings are a nice way to stimulate various senses of your little cutie. With a variety of textured surfaces as well as activities a child can engage with a play gym, it’s possible to explore the real world in its different manifestations. Some modern varieties of playthings can additionally include sounds and lights.
  • The first thing a child learns to do is to move his or her body. It’s a basic skill that will later influence further development. Such skills will have a great impact on the development of coordination and balance. Attractive elements of the plaything stimulate a child to use muscles in the back, tummy, neck, and shoulders. They are also a perfect stimulation for hand-eye coordination.
  • Such items are a wonderful choice for the natural stimulation of the brain. Children can not only explore the world around them but also discover important things about themselves. Thanks to the chance to manipulate the object hanging on a construction, your little one will learn an important concept of cause and effect. From the earliest days of life, play gyms are able to support the development of visual perception, which is so important for infants.
  • These playing things are the first step into the world of emotions and communication. Hanging toys are the first elements your little one can learn to communicate with. The process starts with smiles, making faces, clapping, and other things. As a result, the mouthing skills can be successfully developed. And this will have a positive influence on speech development in the near future.

Play gyms are a perfect basis for physical development as well. They can be used as support for sitting, crawling, and other activities. Even though such playing things are more useful for kids from 3 to 6 months, it’s a very good idea to use them both earlier and later. It’s even better if you are able to replace various elements to provide the development by age.

What is special about handmade products?

Today, it’s possible to find numerous varieties of mass-produced toys for children. However, it’s hard to be sure of their quality and safety. In addition, it’s almost impossible to buy something truly unique for your little one. If you want to offer something special to your children, have a look at hand made baby play gyms created by the designers of Woollyfox store. Here are a few important benefits of such items:

  • They have original designs. Our craftsmen are inspired by parenting and childhood. Due to this, they always try to make something special and never use the same old patterns. For the creation of toys, bright and neutral but natural colors are selected in order to help a child explore the real world.
  • They offer a diversity of textures. Thanks to the use of different fabrics, a baby can successfully develop tactile perception. As a result, it will have an extremely positive impact on the activity of the brain.
  • They are made of high-quality yet cheap All fabrics and other materials are carefully selected to provide safety and ecological friendliness. All elements of a construction are pleasant to touch and smooth. Thus, your little one will never get hurt.
  • They provide replaceable elements. It’s possible to purchase a full collection of hanging objects and replace them from time to time to make the pastime of your baby more diverse.

What can Woollyfox offer?

The diversity of the best play gyms at the Woollyfox store is impressive. The catalog includes a wide choice of wooden constructions made of natural beech with various hanging objects represented by:

  • Sheep
  • Plants
  • Rabbits
  • Pandas
  • Bears
  • Tigers and lions
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Fruit and vegetables, etc.

We offer thematic sets of elements in order to help your little one discover various aspects of our world. The toys are made of soft and high-quality materials such as felt, cotton, and hollow fiber.

The catalog offers numerous products at a low price as well as many items on sale. Our store is able to organize fast delivery of your order across Europe and the USA.