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Collection: Christmas ornaments

Have a unique Christmas with original handmade ornaments

It’s so important to create a festive mood on Christmas to feel the atmosphere of this magic holiday! Decorations and ornaments are those tiny things that are able to make this day really special. House and Christmas tree decorations will become a perfect way to pass the time together with people you love. With cute handmade ornaments, it’s possible to creatively decorate any Christmas tree and house and make them truly unique.

The meaning of holiday decorations

Such funny little things are not just beautiful additions to the holiday atmosphere. In fact, they bear certain symbolism connected to the meaning of Christmas itself. Traditionally, the colors of this holy day are red, green, and gold. Red represents the blood of Christ, green symbolizes the eternal life that Christ offers, and gold means the presents from the wise men. The basic colors are frequently supplemented with other hints such as silver, blue, or white.

Modern trends of Christmas celebrations are not strictly connected to this symbolism. Due to this, it’s not obligatory to use only those colors. Pretty ornaments that will decorate your tree and house might be created in very different hints because their primary task is to create a festive mood.

What is special about handmade ornaments?

Such decorative items are made by hand, which adds to their quality. Compared to mass-produced decorative elements, handmade ornaments are created out of carefully selected materials. The latest not only look nice but also provide a surface that is pleasant to touch and have extreme durability.

Let’s observe just a few benefits of handmade decorative items:

  • Incomparable uniqueness. There are no patterns used for the creation of toys compared to the mass market. As a result, each item is unique and personalized even if the creator tries to make two identical elements. Thanks to this, your Christmas tree and house will look really special.
  • Safety and ecological friendliness. The use of safe and nice materials is a key thing when making ornaments by hand. Very often, natural materials are also applied for the creation of authentic elements.
  • An impressive diversity. While mass-produced products are similar to each other in one way or another, it never happens with handmade decorative elements. Thanks to this, you can choose from numerous different varieties and create your own concepts for the Christmas decorations.
  • They contain a piece of soul. When something is made by hand, it always bears additional meaning. The creator puts love and warmth into his or her creation. And these emotions will be transferred to your home to add to the general atmosphere of the holiday.
  • They are durable and timeless. Decorative items made by hand will always be in trend due to the meaning and warmth they bear. Thanks to the use of carefully selected materials, they are also durable and easy to take care of. Thus, they will never lose their visual appearance.
  • Many handmade ornaments are quite cheap. And they are always a good investment compared to mass-produced products.

The diversity of handmade ornaments at the Woollyfox online store

A wonderful way to find and buy high-quality and unique decorations is to observe the Woollyfox catalog. The assortment of products is very wide and contains creative items to make your Christmas special. Carefully made by the hands of designers inspired by people and their dreams, we can offer different varieties of products to decorate your tree and house:

  • Various animals (rabbits, deer, elephants, bears, foxes, koalas, sloths, pandas, pigs, penguins, dogs, and many others)
  • Angels and Christmas elves
  • Snowmen, Santa, and other fantasy characters
  • A wide collection of funny soft teeth
  • Symbols of the year
  • Candies
  • Christmas decorations made of natural materials (garlands and ornaments made of nutshells, acorns, and other things)
  • Garlands with artificial soft light bulbs, and many other interesting products.

It’s possible to choose separate elements to create your own concept to decorate your Christmas tree and house or buy a set of ornaments, which will help create a festive mood and warm atmosphere on this holy day.

How to choose Christmas ornaments?

The choice of decorative elements for Christmas is a wonderful idea to spend additional time together with your loved ones. You can choose ornaments together with your kids, parents, or friends and become closer to them. Here are a few tips on how to select such products:

  1. Think about the concept. Surely, it’s possible to just buy all the ornaments you like. However, the decorations will look more pleasant and harmonious when you have a certain idea in mind. It will help define a color scheme and the locations of every element.
  2. Consider the meaning of the symbols. There exist very different varieties of handmade ornaments. As a result, everyone can find a perfect set of products with the symbols of the year, animals, etc.
  3. Take your own preferences into consideration. One of the most important things to make Christmas special is to surround yourself with everything you like. That’s why always take your personal tastes into account to make the holiday perfect.

Why should you buy handmade Christmas ornaments at the Woollyfox online store?

The Woollyfox online store is a creative workshop, where everyone can find perfect ornaments and garlands to make Christmas truly special. The catalog includes a wide variety of products made of felt, wool, and various natural materials. Every decorative item is unique and safe. Besides, the products are characterized by bright and natural colors, which will never fade. Our hand made Christmas ornaments will help decorate your Christmas tree, doors, windows, staircases, fireplaces, or outdoor yards.

The Woollyfox online store offers low prices for products of the highest quality (as well as many items on sale) and fast delivery across the USA and Europe. Ornaments that we have are filled with our love and warmth, which will be sent together with your order and make the holiday happy.