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Collection: Baby crib mobiles

Give your children a happy childhood and help them naturally develop with the Woollyfox crib mobiles

To offer the best to your little ones, it’s important not only to provide them with comfort and care. The choice of toys in most cases plays a key role in the natural development of infants and their basic skills. From the first days of life, it’s vital to surround your children with items that are not just beautiful and bright. They should be able to evoke interest in a baby and stimulate them to contact with a toy in various ways.

One of the most useful playable items for our little ones is crib mobiles, which you can hang on a crib right after discharge from the maternity hospital. The Woollyfox store is a creative workshop that can offer high-quality handmade products to express your love and care towards your babies.

What are crib mobiles for babies?

Such items are represented by a set of toys that are hanging over the head of a child. They are effectively used as both visual and auditory stimuli for a baby. These toys might include various elements made of different materials. The key thing is to make them bright and interesting to a child. While mass-produced toys of such a type are frequently made of plastic, handmade varieties are able to offer safer and more pleasant materials.

The objects are situated to form a circle. Thus, various modern toys keep moving with the help of special mechanisms or the child’s actions. Today, there also exist diverse musical baby mobiles for crib. Crib mobiles are a wonderful way to entertain your little one. As a result, parents might have some time for their household chores or other affairs. Besides, such playing things provide a basis for the cognitive and sensory development of children. Your little one will like to follow the moving objects with the eyes and later touch them with the hands. Thus, it’s possible to help your little one learn to concentrate, control the eyesight, and later differentiate colors, shapes, and textures, and develop other skills and knowledge.

Crib mobiles are effective due to their location over the head. They provide the necessary distance (approx. 1 foot) because newborns have physiological hyperopia during a certain period of time after birth. Thus, it’s better not to look at objects that are too close to them. Thus, baby mobiles are a healthier alternative to various other toys for infants.

The benefits of handmade crib mobiles

Even though mass products are bright and diverse, they have numerous disadvantages. First of all, many of them are made of plastic, which is harmful to the environment and not always safe for children’s health. Besides, it’s often hard to be sure of the quality of materials used in mass-produced items. Handmade products are completely different. They are originally created by the caring hands of the designers to provide a wide range of benefits to children and their parents:

  • They are made of natural wood and fabrics. It not only makes the items safe but also helps a child discover more interesting things about the surrounding world with its real colors and textures.
  • They have bright but natural colors. All colors used for handmade products are natural and pleasant to the eyes of a child. They are not too aggressive and add to the development of babies’ vision and other basic skills.
  • They are unique. It’s hardly possible to find something creative in local stores because the goods there are mass-produced. With handmade items, you have a chance to buy something really special because the products have unique designs.
  • They are diverse. While the range of toys today is great, it’s still limited. Thus, it’s almost impossible to find something personalized. Hand made baby crib mobiles are represented by a wide selection of products. Thus, it’s possible to choose one you like the most or even replace the elements from time to time.
  • They are safe. Along with the high-quality materials carefully selected for handmade items, the techniques used are also important. Every product is created to prevent any harm to a baby. The mobiles have soft and nice-to-touch elements, which are harmless even if they fall or if your child licks them.

The diversity of products available at the Woollyfox store

The Woollyfox online store is a special place, where you can find perfect gifts for babies. The catalog includes dozens of varieties of crib mobiles created with various styles. They feature:

  • Animals and pets
  • Foods
  • Fantasy characters
  • Space bodies
  • Weather conditions
  • Plants and flowers 
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Holiday symbols
  • Diverse vehicles and many other elements.

Our toys will help your little ones know about the real world and develop imagination, and cognitive & sensory skills. The items are made of safe and high-quality materials, which include felt, wood, cotton, hollow fiber, and others.

The products are cheap and diverse, so it’s possible to replace them from time to time to stimulate further development of your kid. We also offer separate holders made of wood and other materials in order to allow everyone to create their own useful toy for a baby.

We use bright and natural colors for our items and try to make children familiar with various aspects of life from the earliest age. Such an approach must have a positive influence on their further development.

Why should you order a baby mobile at the Woollyfox store?

In the catalog of the Woollyfox shop, everyone will find an ideal product, which will become a perfect gift for themselves, for a newborn, for baptism, or for an expectant mother. We offer low prices on our handmade crib mobiles in order to make useful and nice toys affordable to everyone. There are also many items on sale. Choose the item you like the most and we will deliver it across Europe and the USA to make you and your children happy!