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How to choose a baby mobile for crib in 2023? Tips and advice on choosing a crib mobile

The crib mobile is a suspended carousel with figures that rotate smoothly in a circle to music. Psychologists and neonatologists say that musical toys with pendants are very important for babies aged 0 to 3 months. They not only decorate the baby's room, but also contribute to the development of visual and auditory perception of the world, concentration and motor skills.

Modern baby mobiles are multifunctional devices. Many models are equipped not only with hanging toys, but also with a night light, projector, timer and remote control. Looking at the figures under the lullaby or sounds of nature, the baby calms down and falls asleep. Dynamic and cheerful music, on the contrary, will help to cheer up the baby.

What kinds of baby mobiles you can purchase in our shop?

Today in our shop there are different types of children's mobiles on a crib. Depending on the functionality and mechanism of operation, you can buy the following types in our shop:

  • Electric mobiles. They spin and play a melody for up to 25 minutes. At the same time, the devices have several different sound variations of moving and quiet tracks at once. Some products are equipped with an additional remote control.
  • Mechanical mobiles. Mechanical carousels work on the principle of a music box. To make the carousel rotate and play music for a few minutes, you need to wind up the spring. The disadvantages are the need to constantly restart the mechanism for a new cycle of rotations and monotonous sound. Mechanical mobiles play only one melody, so the toy may bore the baby.
  • Mobiles without spinning. Static mini-mobiles are small, brightly colored toys on a clothes peg. Jingling and rustling elements attract the baby's attention, develop a visual, auditory and tactile perception.

What are the advantages of a baby mobile for crib?

Crib mobiles have several advantages and benefits for your baby.

Firstly, the mobile on crib stimulates the development of visual perception, as the figures on it become the object of the baby's study. If the objects are located at a distance of 25-30 cm from the child, it also helps to train his visual abilities.

Secondly, the mobile on crib attracts attention and soothes the baby before bedtime, helping the baby to fall asleep faster. It also gives a little rest time to the parents.

How to choose a baby mobile for crib?

When choosing a toy for the smallest children, it is important that it is safe and useful. Therefore, when buying a mobile, take into account the following parameters:

  • Material of manufacture. A model with removable wooden or plastic figures is more preferable than a model with soft toys.
  • Reliability of mounting. The bracket on which the carousel is suspended should be firmly attached to the crib.
  • Color range. To not strain and develop the vision of the baby, hang monochrome toys on the crib mobile. 3-5 figures of contrasting shades will be quite enough.
  • Sound quality. The ideal option - a model with several songs and the ability to adjust the volume and mute the sound.

In the Woollyfox shop you will find a wide range of mobiles on crib. We have different types of mobiles, from electric to mechanical and non-spinning, to meet the needs of every child. You can choose the configuration of the toy and buy a mobile that suits your preferences and fits into the design of your child's room.

Enjoy your shopping experience and happy moments with your baby!