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Collection: Christmas decorations

Make Christmas by your own hands with our exclusive decorations

Christmas is a very important holiday for millions of people. Due to this, we always want to make it special and create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. It’s impossible to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree and special decorations that create our festive mood. Woollyfox is a special place, where everyone can find creative hand-made ornaments to make this magic holiday special for themselves and their families.


Why are decorations important?

The majority of people decorate their homes on the eve of Christmas. But we do not always think about why we actually do this. There are many reasons to make your home beautiful and ready to celebrate. Along with the atmosphere various decorative elements can create, decoration is one of the perfect ways to do something together with the closest people. Such a common activity is able to strengthen family bonds and let each of you feel the holiday.

When the house is beautifully decorated regarding the theme of the holiday, we have a special feeling of the upcoming Christmas and get really ready to celebrate. What’s more, various ornaments are able to help the storytelling, especially if you want to tell something important about the holiday to your little ones.


What are handmade decorative items?

Handmade Christmas decorations are ornaments, which are made by hand. Such ornaments have a certain personal touch, which is able to add something really special to any house. For such ornaments, high-quality materials are always used in order to make the ornaments pleasant to touch, beautiful, and safe even for kids.

Another prominent feature of handmade decorations is their uniqueness. When you go to a local store or order factory-made items, they are always manufactured on a large scale. Thus, thousands of other people will have absolutely the same ornaments. What’s more, it’s difficult to be certain such decorations are really safe and quality. That never happens with handmade items!

Ornaments made by the hands of people are creative. A piece of soul is put into them to add to the holiness of Christmas. A great collection of unique decorations is accessible at the Woollyfox online store. We make every element with love and want to help make your Christmas special.


The benefits of Woollyfox handmade decorations for Christmas

The purchase of simple handmade ornaments is a perfect solution for Christmas. Such decorative elements have a wide range of advantages, which are as follows:

  • The highest quality of materials. All items presented are safe for adults, kids, and pets. They are pleasant to touch and never get anyone hurt. We take care of the tiniest detail for your comfort and joy.
  • Bright colors that don’t fade. Thanks to the use of reliable materials, the decorations will look prominent and attractive even after years of usage.
  • A wide diversity of decorations. The ornaments presented in the catalog are numerous. Each item has its soul that’ll help everyone find a perfect solution to decorate their homes.
  • Uniqueness of decorations. The products are not mass-produced, so you can be sure they are unique. Choose a perfect collection for your cozy Christmas home.
  • Artistic thinking. The creation of handmade decorations is an art. We make every element interesting and unique and try to reflect the main symbols of Christmas in our works.
  • Ecological friendliness. Thanks to the use of carefully selected natural materials, our products are absolutely safe for our environment.
  • Handmade ornaments are always a good investment. They will serve for many years. Besides, you can easily wash or clean them to keep them in order.
  • It’s possible to use decorations in many different ways. They look perfect as outdoor yard ornaments, garlands on windows, mantels, Christmas trees, front doors, stairs, and many other places in your home.


The variety of decorative items

The Woollyfox store is a creative workshop, where inspired designers make diverse cheap decorative elements with their own hands. The collection of products includes numerous items made of natural materials (such as acorns, nut shells, etc.), wool felt, cotton, hollow fiber, and other safe materials. We use eco-friendly technologies for treatment, including baking, drying, degreasing, hand painting, and varnishing.

The varieties of ornaments are numerous:

  • Garlands with Christmas trees
  • Decorations with animals (pandas, deer, bears, squirrels, rabbits)
  • Ornaments with the symbols of the upcoming year
  • Traditional garlands with artificial light bulbs made of felt, natural materials, and cords
  • Decorations with fantasy characters (elves, snowmen, gingerbread men), and many other varieties.

Thanks to the inspiration supported by the desires of our clients, we create new ideas every day. As a result, the catalog of decorative items is regularly updated, so you can find unique ornaments for your home for every year to come.


How to choose Christmas ornaments?

The choice of decorations is one of the important aspects of Christmas preparations. It not only creates a good mood but also defines how your house will look on this holy day. Here are some recommendations for the choice of Christmas ornaments:

  1. Think about a concept. Consider how you’d like to decorate your home and where to locate various garlands.
  2. Stick with one color scheme. You can choose decorations in white and natural colors, traditional green and red hints, or opt for something not ordinary.
  3. Always keep your preferences in mind. You, your kids, and close people always have preferences. If you are going to celebrate Christmas with them, try to choose ornaments together. It will be another way to pass time with your loved ones before and during the decoration process.


Why Woollyfox?

The Woollyfox store is your best friend in home decoration. Here, you will find ideal and unique products, which will make your house look perfect for Christmas. We offer to buy a wide selection of high-quality ornaments at low prices (as well as many products on sale). In addition, there’s an opportunity for delivery across Europe and the USA.

Rely on our creativity and we will help make your holidays special!