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Collection: Wool toys and decor

Buy cute wool toys made by hand and create your own collection

The choice of playable items in modern shops is great. However, it’s really hard to find something unique and interesting. Handmade toys, on the other hand, are always something special — they’re able to impress any person whether it’s a kid or an adult. The Woollyfox store offers a wide collection of high-quality wool products made by our hands in order to make everyone happy and spread our love.


How are wool toys created?

The technique, which is used to make hand made wool toys and decor, is called needle felting. It is a creative craft, which presupposes sculpting specific shapes (animals like an example) with the help of natural wool and special felting needles. Such an activity allows the creation of very interesting and diverse creatures with a minimum set of materials.

Wool is a perfect option because this material is characterized by the presence of flat overlapping scales on each fiber, which are able to come into contact when the shapes of the future product are formed. As a result, the wool gets felted. During the process, the created products become strong and durable thanks to the random direction and orientation of scales.

As for the tools used for needle felting, they are exclusively created to be used in this technique to provide comfort and ease of work. The needles are characterized by small barbs at the end. Those barbs have one direction, which allows realizing the process of felting. The barbs help tangle the fibers, thus, making scales interlock.

The creative process starts with the building of a basic shape. For this, the wool fibers should be strategically allocated. For thin elements such as legs, additional materials might be used — for example, wire. The texture should be smooth and firm. It’s crucial to provide the durability of the product and its perfect visual look.

Needle felting work is extremely painstaking. It requires patience and a sleight of hand. With such a technique, it’s possible to create very diverse and detailed 3D shapes of animals and other creatures of various sizes. Talented designers can create impressively realistic and funny caricature creatures. Each item is unique because it’s impossible to make even the same creature absolutely identically 2 times in a row. Meticulous work can sometimes take several days! However, by the end, we can see a mesmerizing sculpture. Despite the hard work, wool toys are still relatively cheap.

With needle felt, it’s possible to create:

  • Soft toys
  • Ornaments and garlands for various holidays
  • Key chains
  • Decorative elements for the home
  • Pillows
  • Playable items for pets, and numerous other things.

Handmade products with natural stuffing can become wonderful gifts for everyone you want to make smile and keep a good memory.


The varieties of handmade products available at the Woollyfox store

The Woollyfox store is a creative workshop. Our talented designers are experts in needle felting, so they are able to create unique and extremely beautiful toys and ornaments with natural and ecologically friendly materials and special tools. The catalog of our shop includes many different types of products:

  • Pigs
  • Owls
  • Chameleons
  • Sloths
  • Snails
  • Raccoons
  • Mice
  • Bets, etc.

Along with diverse animals of various sizes, our store also offers mushrooms, mythological creatures, and other varieties of products made by hand. The assortment includes toys, ornaments, key chains, pillows, and other types of items, which are not only cute but also practical.


The great benefits of handmade wool items from Woollyfox

To buy a handmade product, which is made with a needle felting technique, all you need is to select an item, place it in the cart, and pay for it, indicating delivery details. Buying our unique products is definitely a good solution for getting remarkable pieces. Here are a few advantages of the Woollyfox handmade items you can enjoy:

  • Impressive quality and durability. For the creation of every product, only carefully selected materials are used to provide safety for both children and grown-ups. Besides, the inspired designers are experienced and can create real masterpieces with wool. They take care of the perfect construction and every detail of a toy to make it look realistic. As a result, you will be able to keep the Woollyfox toys for the rest of your life.
  • Emotional connection. Every product made by hand contains a piece of love. Our designers put their souls into work to make the toys so beautiful. Handmade decorations and toys can become perfect gifts, which will express your deepest feelings.
  • There are no two identical toys. Each of them is separately created by the designers. They use their imagination and inspiration to create new beautiful toys every day.
  • Wool toys are cute and nice, so they are perfect for people of all ages and genders. You can choose them as holiday gifts, to make a declaration of love with a toy, ask for forgiveness, wish good luck, or express any other feelings and emotions.


How to choose a wool handmade toy as a gift?

In order to make an ideal present, stick with a few recommendations:

  1. Take the age and gender of a receiver into account. For girls, it’s possible to choose something cute while men like more practical items (for instance, key chains).
  2. Consider the tastes of a person you’d like to give a present to. It will help with the choice of color and type of creature.
  3. Take the purpose or type of occasion into consideration. There are events, which will require a certain choice of gifts.


Why should you buy handmade wool toys at the Woollyfox store?

Here, at the Woollyfox online store, everyone will find a perfect present for their loved ones or replenish their own collection. We offer low prices and many products on sale. Besides, our store is able to organize the delivery of handmade toys across Europe and the USA.

Choose from our catalog of high-quality products and make an order to feel our warmth and love at a distance.