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Collection: Zodiac sign gifts

Make a thoughtful gift with amazing zodiac signs toys from the Woollyfox store

It’s always a challenge to find a truly personalized gift and surprise people you love. Thousands of mass-produced items are never unique or special, so we often feel disappointed with the choice. But it becomes possible to make a perfect present if you choose one of the handmade items! And soft zodiac signs are a wonderful way to make a gift personalized and underline the features of a person. Our products are original, nice, and funny, so they will definitely cheer you up.


What do zodiacs mean?

Hand made Zodiac sign gifts are connected with astronomy and astrology. Each zodiac is a number of constellations. There exist 12 sectors, each of which refers to one sign. They have certain metaphysical qualities that help analyze horoscopes. The signs are called after the corresponding constellations they refer to.

The first system of the time was created in the first century before our era. Traditionally, there are 12 zodiac signs presented. The nature of them for the majority of people is mystical. They help us know more about our characters, inclinations, talents, and even future. Many people make decisions and choose partners and friends on the basis of zodiac characteristics. Others are just curious about the issue and consider it something fun and exciting.


Why are zodiac sign gifts popular among people?

Such presents are a perfect way to demonstrate that you know something about a person and tried to choose a personalized gift to make an impression. Various items featuring various zodiacs are extremely popular because they have an unusual visual look and attract attention.

Among the existing products of such a type, it’s possible to find a perfect present for every person according to the zodiac. The following signs might be found:

  • Leo
  • Gemini
  • Aries
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces
  • Taurus
  • Cancer
  • Aquarius
  • Virgo
  • Capricorn
  • Libra

 Among various items representing zodiac signs, there are unique and exceptional handmade products. Such gifts are made of safe, pleasant, and beautiful materials, which make them look really special.


Special handmade toys from the Woollyfox online store

Searching for something truly special and pretty for the people you love, it’s a good idea to observe the catalog of the Woollyfox workshop. Here, talented designers create amazing products with their own hands in order to make every gift unique.

The products created at the Woollyfox store have certain specific features, which make them one-of-a-kind:

  • The use of high-quality materials. Every material used for the creation of zodiac gifts is carefully selected in order to guarantee its safety and ecological friendliness. Being made of luxury felt and other materials that are pleasant to touch, every item is soft and cute.
  • Original design. Our designers never use trivial patterns that are common for the majority of mass-produced gifts. We realize our own vision and understanding of each sign of the horoscope based on its features and peculiarities. As a result, each product is unique. We also try to add a personal touch by making our toys fun so that they help raise the spirits.
  • Due to the fact every toy is made by hand, it’s possible to make products of various sizes and colors. Everything depends on the preferences and tastes of a customer.
  • Thanks to such a wonderful design and the use of high-quality materials combined with hand-stitching, our toys are a nice choice for both kids and adults. They are safe even for your little children because there are no parts that can hurt them.
  • Even though any sort of crafting requires skills and patience, we try to make our products affordable for everyone. For this reason, our Woollyfox store offers low prices on the best handmade toys. Even though the materials used are high-quality, they are also simple and cheap.
  • Emotional connection. Every item made by hand is special because it always contains a piece of soul. Thus, by giving such a present, you offer not just a pretty toy but a piece of your heart and a little bit of warmth.

Our products are not just beautiful but also durable. We take care of the quality to allow you to keep such wonderful toys for your whole life.


For whom can you buy zodiac sign gifts?

Handmade items are a perfect choice for various people and occasions. Fun toys made by hand can become a wonderful addition to any interior decoration. Besides, it’s even possible to start your own collection of zodiac signs.

Such presents will be nice for:

  • Birthdays
  • Professional holidays
  • Valentine’s Day
  • New Year and other important occasions.

Feel free to choose them for your family members, friends, children, colleagues, or other people. You can even give a zodiac without a reason to a person of the corresponding sign. It’s a pleasant signal of attention that will help keep a good memory of you.


What does the Woollyfox store offer to its customers?

At the Woollyfox online store, everyone will find an ideal present for themselves or other people they want to impress. Our catalog includes all the 12 zodiac signs to help our clients make a perfect gift. It is possible to choose either separate handmade soft toys or order an entire set of items, which contains all horoscope signs.

Along with various signs, it is also possible to order a special card, which supplements the toy. It’s created by our own hands and contains basic information about Libra, Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius, and all other signs. Our store also offers many high-quality products on sale.

All you need is to choose the toy you want to buy, define the desired size and color, and place an order at our shop. We are able to organize fast and comfortable delivery of any items across Europe and the USA to allow everyone to make the best gift.