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Collection: Felt play food

Help your kids explore the real world with handmade felt play food

There’s nothing better than to allow your children to naturally develop and know about the real world in a playful way. The right choice of toys will help them learn new skills and knowledge and have fun at the same time. Play foods are one of the most favorite toys among kids of various ages. When such items are made by hand, they provide additional benefits for the education of our little ones. The best and the most high-quality varieties of play food are accessible at the Woollyfox online store at a low price.


What are play food items?

Play foods are artificial products, which are created to look as close to real ones as possible. Thanks to their realism, they help children learn more about the real world. Food is something we see and use every day in our lives. We eat it, cut, cook, and do other things with it. With playful things that imitate various foodstuffs, kids have a chance to naturally develop many important skills and knowledge.

Such items are an ideal choice for role-play games. These products can be used as stimulation for children to learn cooking, as well as to develop other abilities. Thanks to such toys, it’s possible to:

  • Reinforce imagination. Children will imagine the items are real, so they will try to manipulate them in various ways.
  • Improve communication skills. When playing with other kids or adults, children can learn how to cooperate, communicate, and share with others.
  • Develop visual recognition. Being similar to real objects, those toys can help memorize the visual look, distinguish various foods or groups of products, and understand their composition.
  • Encourage experimentation. Toy foods can be used in many different ways, so your little ones will be able to experiment. They can serve them as they like. Try to cook various dishes, or just explore each item separately. It’s a good way to discover the inclinations of the child.


The benefits of handmade playing things

While toy foods are helpful for kids’ development in general, handmade items are even more advanced and well-thought-out. First of all, they are created by hand, which means they contain a piece of heart and warmth of the designer. As for more practical and obvious advantages, we can enumerate the following ones:

  • A careful and conscious choice of materials. While the majority of mass-produced products for kids are made of plastic, handmade elements are usually created of more high-quality and safe materials. Various fabrics are used in order to provide ecological friendliness and stimulate the sensory development of children. They can touch and feel various surfaces, which will have a positive impact on the overall development of the brain.
  • Detailed designs and realism. Every homemade toy is separately created to provide every detail of the food. As a result, kids will understand what they look like in reality and what is inside them.
  • Bright colors. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the colors of toy foods are always bright but natural. They give children an idea of real-life objects without embellishment.
  • Great diversity. Every piece made by hand is always unique because there are no patterns used compared to mass production. As a result, there are pieces of various types, colors, and sizes, while children can learn to distinguish and compare them.
  • Handmade play foods are usually made of soft and safe materials, so they can be used for kids of various ages — toddlers, babies, and even older children.


The collection of play foods at the Woollyfox store

Woollyfox is a creative workshop, where designers keep creating beautiful playing things to help your children play and naturally develop. Our products are inspired by nature and your little ones. The catalog includes various sorts of toy foods:

  • Oranges
  • Pears
  • Strawberries
  • Lemons
  • Watermelons
  • Apples
  • Mushrooms
  • Avocados, etc.

We take care to make every detail clear and realistic to help your kids get familiar with the real world. For the creation of toys, our designers use felt. Such a material is absolutely safe because it doesn’t contain any toxic elements or Azo dyes. Due to this, nothing bad will happen even if your little one licks or puts a toy into his or her mouth. Every object is hand-stitched to provide durability and a perfect visual appearance.


How to choose playable food toys?

The choice of playing things for kids is always an important task because toys can directly influence the development of children. We offer a few recommendations:

  1. Always take the age of your kids into account. Even though handmade products are mostly versatile, it’s sometimes required to think about the size. Little babies are not ready to fully play, so they can occasionally swallow small objects. Thus, it’s better to choose bigger ones to develop a sensory activity and eliminate risks.
  2. Define the types and number of felt play food toys. Smaller kids need smaller sets of objects to start distinguishing them. Gradually, it’s possible to add new ones to stimulate natural development and education.
  3. Consider the preferences of your children. Kids will like toys that support their interests. For instance, if your little one likes strawberries, add these berries to your collection to motivate the playing and educational process.


Why should you buy handmade play food at the Woollyfox store?

The Woollyfox online store is a place, where you can find all the basic varieties of vegetables and fruit and help your children learn more about our world in a gaming form. A wide collection of cheap products made of carefully selected materials will allow choose the perfect collection for every child. There’re always toy foods on sale. It’s possible to order each item separately or buy a whole set of toy foodstuffs for kitchen.

We make every product with love and are ready to deliver your orders across Europe and the USA to let every child naturally develop and feel our warmth.