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Collection: Stuffed animals

Make a perfect present for a kid with handmade stuffed toys from Woollyfox

It becomes more difficult today to find a perfect gift to impress a child. Mass-produced playable items are very similar to each other, and few of them really have something special. Hand made stuffed animals made of high-quality natural materials will wonderfully cater to children of all ages. You can order them at the Woollyfox online store at a low price and make your little ones happy.


What is special about handmade toys?

All kids adore cute soft fluffy things that have a nice and fun visual look. Stuffed playable items have always been an ideal choice as a present to a child of any age. Handmade products are even more special and are able to express deep feelings and emotions.

Stuffed playable items, which are created by the hands of inspired designers, are always unique and contain a piece of their hearts. Thus, they are able to transfer warmth and love put into the product by the creator. It’s impossible not to mention the quality of the material. While the majority of mass-produced products are made of harmful materials, handmade custom toys are different. The creator carefully selects every material and accessory to make not only beautiful and attractive but also safe and ecologically friendly products.

What’s more, handmade playable items are hand-stitched, which adds to their strength and durability. Such products meet all the quality requirements and the demands of modern customers. They will cater to infants because they won’t do any harm even if a kid licks or puts an item into the mouth. Besides, there are no risks of swallowing any details.

Stuffed animals are adored by kids because of various reasons:

  • They help encourage nurturing. Thus, a child learns to take care of others and take responsibility. With such playable items, children have a chance to become adults for a while. In addition, our products develop discipline.
  • They allow kids to use their imagination. Children think of such playable items as real creatures. They can talk to them and play in various ways, thus, developing creative thinking and various skills.
  • They create a good mood and soothe a child. Stuffed items are soft and pleasant to touch. They are able to comfort even a baby when get heated and always make kids smile.
  • They are perfect for hugging. Children like hugs. When parents are busy and can’t give their little ones a hug, a soft creature is able to replace them for a while and make a kid happy.
  • They can become best friends for life. Soft products are pretty long-lasting. While others can crack or get broken pretty fast, stuffed toys will stay with a child for a much longer time. Not infrequently, they keep them as a memory when they grow up.

All those things make soft toys a perfect choice for a gift for any holiday or without a reason.


The choice of handmade products at the Woollyfox store

The Woollyfox store is a creative workshop, where talented designers create unique soft toys with their own hands. The imagination and inspiration they get from the customers are endless, so the collection is regularly updated to offer the best and prettiest toys and meet the requirements of children and their parents. Here are different varieties of playable items you might find in the catalog:

  • Kids like animals, as the latest help find out about real-world creatures. Besides, they are perfect to get kids familiar with diverse fairytales or teach them to take part in a role-playing game.
  • Fantasy creatures. Such toys are popular among modern kids and help develop imagination. They help believe in wonders, which is extremely important for every child. The collection includes unicorns and other exciting toys.
  • Modern children are very much advanced and they like various cool things. There’s nothing better than to have a stylish toy, which represents a popular emoji. Older children will appreciate such a gift, too.

The products presented at the Woollyfox store are multi-purpose. They can become a wonderful present for various occasions, including childbirth, baptisms, birthdays, New Year/Christmas, and other holidays. Our products are perfect for the children of various ages. They can be used as comforters or toys for sleep for small babies. The catalog offers separate toys as well as sets of items (mommy and a child). The latest ones allow playing with the creature in different ways, like taking a smaller toy for a walk, etc. Fun items can be also used as an original decoration for your house if you want to.


The advantages of handmade items from Woollyfox

Our store offers only high-quality products, each of which is made by hand. We carefully select the materials and use felt, soft yarn, cotton, and other safe fabrics. All items are created with bright but natural colors, which are pleasant to the eye.

Our designers are attentive to every detail to make every toy nice and realistic and also stimulate children’s skills. The diversity and wonderful designs of the products make them a good choice for both kids and adults.

Other benefits of the Woollyfox plush products include:

  • A great choice of diverse stuffed toys
  • Affordability because all the materials are simple and cheap
  • Versatility of products for any ages
  • Funny and beautiful visual look, which makes our products perfect for any interior
  • Compact sizes, so that your kids can take the toys with them.


Why should you buy stuffed toys at the Woollyfox store?

Woollyfox is a perfect place to find ideal presents for kids and people you love. Our handmade products are created with love and will become an integral part of your life. High-quality toys are accessible at an affordable price. Besides, we offer numerous products on sale. Our store can organize fast delivery of handmade items across Europe and the USA to make every child and adult happy.