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Collection: Christmas gifts

Make a special gift to your beloved ones with handmade items

Christmas is a magic time, which can't be imagined without presents for all the people who are important to us. It makes us feel happy, gratifies our brain center, and improves life satisfaction. The choice of gifts is always a challenge because we want to choose perfect things to make our close people happy and keep good memories of the presents. There’s nothing more pleasant than handmade items created with love and creative thinking. At the Woollyfox store, everyone can find a perfect gift on Christmas for themselves, their beloved ones, relatives, colleagues, or anyone else.


The benefits of handmade Christmas presents

When we choose something to give on this holy day, we want to put a piece of our soul. Even though it’s possible to choose something practical, such presents will hardly become special and will soon be forgotten. It will never happen with unique handmade products. Here are just a few advantages of such Christmas presents:

  • They are high-quality. Mass-produced items are rarely of any quality at all. And they aren’t cheap at the same time! Handmade products are created with safe and carefully selected materials, which guarantee their excellent look and durability. They will allow your beloved ones to keep them for years and think of you.
  • They are safe and ecologically friendly. Good handmade gifts are made of safe materials, which are harmless to adults, children, and pets.
  • They are easy to take care of. Such gifts are simple, so they can be easily washed or cleaned to keep them in order.
  • They have a personal meaning. The items made by hand are unique and contain a piece of love. They are able to express any feelings and emotions you want.
  • They help save time. Choosing a Christmas present is hard and can take days or even weeks. By selecting handmade gifts, you make a perfect solution for everyone and get rid of the headache of long choice.
  • They are unexpected. It’s unlikely that anyone can guess you choose such a Christmas present. Thus, you will additionally bring surprise and unforgettable emotions.
  • They are versatile. It doesn’t matter who you want to give a present to. Handmade products are beautiful and diverse, so you can choose one for everyone.

Considering all those benefits, handmade gifts for Christmas are always a perfect choice to make someone happy and feel the atmosphere of the holiday.


Who can you give such a unique gift to?

Thanks to the diversity of handmade Christmas gifts, it’s possible to find and buy one for almost everyone:

  • Your family members. Your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and distant relatives will all be glad to get such a gift from you. They will feel your care, love, and dedication.
  • Close friends. These are people you love the most after your family. Let them know about it by presenting funny and pretty handmade items, which they will keep to carry your friendship through time.
  • People you work with. It’s a good choice for Christmas presents to colleagues, especially when it’s hard for you to choose something else. They will be pleased and remember your care.
  • Your other half. Whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or anyone else, it’s a wonderful idea to give a piece of your heart with a handmade Christmas present. Such gifts will express the warmest feelings and emotions of the giver.

At the Woollyfox store, everyone will definitely find a perfect handmade item to express the most sincere feelings and emotions.


The diversity of handmade Christmas presents

Woollyfox is a special place, where a wide choice of handmade gifts is presented. We design and craft all out items with care and would love to help you make a perfect Christmas present! The items we have are in great diversity. Let’s consider the main varieties of gifts available at our store:

  • Toys and decorative elements. In the catalog, it’s possible to find very different decorative elements, which are inspired by animals, fantasy characters, and other Christmas things. Bright items are able to not just make your beloved ones happy but also become wonderful decorations for Christmas trees, windows, staircases, outdoor yards, or fireplaces. They will help create a warm and cozy atmosphere for the holiday.
  • Starter kits to develop creativity. There’s nothing better than to help someone discover creative abilities. With our nice kits, it’s possible to learn needle felting from scratch. The kits include everything required for the process and look very pretty to motivate people to start.
  • Garlands made of various natural materials. Such gifts are beautiful, safe, and eco-friendly. Created of natural materials, they preserve their natural look and help create an incomparable atmosphere. Thus, everyone will appreciate such a present, which will add coziness to their homes.


What is special about Woollyfox Christmas gifts?

The presents for Christmas, which you can find at the Woollyfox store, are diverse and unique. They are created by the designers inspired by nature and people’s fantasy. Every product is made of high-quality materials, which include felt, wool, acorns, wood beads, and other safe elements.

All products are created by hand with the simplest treatment — baking, sewing, felting, drying, painting, and varnishing. We always try to keep the naturalness of every gift. And still, all of them are characterized by bright colors, which are pleasant to the eye, extreme softness, and durability.

The imagination is infinite, so we keep creating more and more ideas to help you find an ideal present for Christmas.


Why should you choose the Woollyfox online store?

The Woollyfox online store is a place, where everyone will find the best gift for Christmas. We always take care of the quality of our products and try to make unique items, which will impress your close people.

A wide assortment of presents, low prices, and a chance for delivery across the USA and Europe will guarantee that everyone will make their families and friends happy with our handmade gifts. Give a Merry Christmas to everyone you want while our creative workshop will help you with this task!