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Collection: Ukrainian patriotic souvenirs

Support Ukrainian people and become closer to the Ukrainian culture with the Woollyfox handmade products

Handmade products have always been a perfect way to express various feelings and give a piece of love and warmth to the people we love. During the hardest time Ukraine and many of us are currently passing through, the best way to feel hope is to buy hand made Ukrainian patriotic souvenirs. Such items will help people who have to be far away from their motherland feel closer to the place and people they love and miss while all others can express their support and understanding by ordering or giving patriotic souvenirs.


What are patriotic souvenirs?

Various patriotic souvenirs are created to embody different symbols of the country, which can evoke the feeling of pride or national identity. There are a few features such items usually possess:

  • National flags. The products might contain the actual flag in their designs or use its specific colors. Such a feature is common for patriotic clothes and various accessories, such as key rings or pins.
  • National colors. Along with the colors of flags, other national colors can also be used. They might be hints used in the national clothing or other things connected with the country and its culture.
  • Quotes and slogans. Every country has its history and current situation. Depending on them, different phrases are widely used for souvenirs to reflect the heart and pain of the country. Such quotes can evoke the feeling of national unity and pride.
  • Historical events. Every country has a history, the richness of which varies. Souvenirs are also created to commemorate certain events, which had or have a great influence on the lives of people and the development of the country. It might be anniversaries, milestone events, or other important occasions.
  • National icons. There are always people who greatly once influenced the history of the country. They might be national heroes, leaders, or cultural icons. Their portraits are frequently printed on patriotic souvenirs.
  • Military and national defense. They are symbols connected with military forces or veterans. Various defense efforts can also be perpetuated in such products.
  • National symbols. Such important symbols as coats of arms, emblems, or iconic landmarks can become a perfect choice for patriotic items.
  • Cultural heritage. For products of such a type, various issues of national pride are used. They might include traditional dances, clothing, crafts, and dishes.
  • There are many places connected with the history or present times of a country. The souvenirs can demonstrate various landscapes or natural sceneries that are able to represent this or that country.


Such products are something that helps underline the peculiarities of a culture and the current situation in a certain country. Ukrainian patriotic souvenirs are usually characterized by such specific features as the national flag colors (blue and yellow), the coat of arms (the trident), national clothing (embroidery with flowers, ornaments, and ribbons), and various other symbols connected with Ukraine.

Patriotic products made by hand are represented by various items, which you can carry with you as an accessory or use as a part of the decoration for the house. Although these products are usually small, they bear great significance.


The benefits of handmade patriotic souvenirs

It’s impossible to compare mass products to any handmade items. Only those that are made by hand have a soul because the designers put a piece of their heart into every item. Let’s look at several important advantages of handmade patriotic Ukrainian souvenirs:

  • They are authentic. Mass products are not able to provide the same uniqueness and closeness to the culture of Ukraine. Handmade items are made with great attention to detail and contain the care and love of the creator.
  • They are safe and environmentally friendly. Handmade products at the Woollyfox online store are made of meticulously selected and high-quality materials, which don’t do any harm to people and the environment.
  • They create an emotional connection. When you take a handmade product in your hand, you can feel a sense of nostalgia and emotional connection with the country and people, even if you’re at a distance. Such items become good reminders of various historical and current events and make us not forget the most important things.
  • They are diverse. As each product is made by hand, it’s impossible to buy 2 identical items. Each souvenir is exceptional and can become a perfect gift for your friends and relatives from Ukraine or other countries.

Woollyfox loves and supports the Ukrainian people and wants to motivate others to do the same.


The varieties of souvenirs available at the Woollyfox store

Woollyfox is a creative workshop, where it’s possible to find different varieties of memorabilia for yourself or for the people you love:

  • Handmade key chains
  • Diverse patriotic amulets with national colors
  • Traditional toys and dolls in national clothing
  • Anatomic hearts, etc.

It’s possible to buy a separate product or a set of souvenirs for you and your loved ones. All the items are created of high-quality materials, such as wool, acorns, felt, cotton, hollow fiber, soft yarn, and others. Each product is very detailed and authentic to represent the culture of Ukraine and its soul.


Why should you buy patriotic souvenirs at the Woollyfox shop?

At our online store, it’s possible to find items, which are not available at any other shops. They are unique and diverse. It’s possible to use them as nice gifts or to make original interior decorations for your home with them.

We take the desires of our customers into account and get inspired by the Ukrainian people in order to make souvenirs, which evoke the deepest and the brightest feelings. All products are available at a low price to make the support of Ukraine affordable to everyone. Besides, there are many souvenirs on sale available in the catalog. We are able to organize the delivery of orders across Europe and the USA and help every person express support and love.