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Collection: Baby blanket

Take care of your little ones and give them a piece of love with handmade baby blankets from Woollyfox

Every good parent wants to offer the best to their children. There’s nothing better than high-quality items, which are made by caring hands. Now everyone has a unique chance to purchase ready-made baby blankets, which will allow them to feel safe and sound, thanks to Woollyfox.


What is a baby blanket?

Such items are specifically crafted with our little ones in mind. The blankets resemble those we use ourselves but they are smaller in size in order to provide optimal comfort for a baby. These products have numerous applications. A blanket primarily aids in facilitating a baby’s restful sleep. Thus, a blanket makes a perfect choice to accompany a baby crib. In addition, such items are frequently chosen to provide coziness in a stroller. As a result, your baby will feel its softness and warmth even during the cold weather.

Another situation to opt for a blanket is in a car. With a familiar object, a child will feel calmer and secure. Thus, it’s also a good comforter for any infant in other situations. Blankets can be used as nursing cover-ups during the feeding process — whether you are at home or outside. It makes the process more convenient for both mother and infant.

Mini quilts are created to use as an envelope that wraps the baby to provide coziness, warmth, and a feeling of safety. Other situations they might be used for are:

  • Swaddling
  • Discharging of a newborn from the maternity hospital
  • Wrapping up after bath
  • Shading in a stroller
  • Changing diapers
  • Playing and massaging, etc.

The choice of materials is crucial when it comes to such items because the fabric will touch the sensitive skin of a baby. Thus, the materials used should be safe, ecologically friendly, and still easy to take care of. Various cotton fabrics are always a nice choice for such baby items.

Along with their practical application, mini quilts have another purpose. Such items are quite meaningful, so they can become valuable items for a kid when he or she grows up. These items create an emotional connection and remind people of their happy and cheerful infancy. In addition, baby blankets can be used as a part of interior decorations in the future, which will bring coziness and warmth to any room.


Types of blankets

These products might differ depending on the material they are made of and the color chosen. In most cases, baby blankets have the shape of a square in order to make them comfortable to use for various purposes described. Due to the fact they are suitable for baby, the size is usually up to 100x100 cm according to the infants’ dimensions. To make the usage of a blanket comfortable, many of them are supplemented with ties or elastic bands. It’s important to correctly choose an item according to the season. They are divided into:

  • Blankets for warm seasons. Such varieties are thinner and don’t contain any fillers. Thus, it’s comfortable to use them in summer and late spring.
  • Blankets for cold seasons. These items are thicker because they contain light filler. The latest helps warm a child during the cold time of the year.

It’s also possible to choose the color of an item depending on your baby’s gender or your own desires.


The benefits of handmade products

Hand made baby blankets are always special. Such items are more personalized and contain a piece of the heart of the creator. Blankets for little ones made by hand are able to provide:

  • Exceptional warmth and comfort
  • Excellent quality because they are hand-stitched
  • Uniqueness and identity that will help express the individuality of a child
  • Emotional connection
  • Mesmerizing visual look and versatility
  • The sense of absolute security.

Handmade items are usually high-quality and durable because every material is carefully selected while the creator is constantly monitoring the quality.


The choice of quilts at the Woollyfox store

The Woollyfox workshop is a special place, where it’s possible to find the best handmade products for children, which are created with love and attention to detail. In the catalog, you will find blankets suiting all seasons to help your child feel comfortable in any situation.

For the creation of mini quilts, our designers use their imagination and knowledge. As a result, they are able to make safe, beautiful, and unique products to make everyone happy. For the creation of the products, only soft and safe materials are used. They include double-layered muslin (a cotton fabric of plain weave) and synthetic padding. Such materials are high-quality and provide all the important characteristics, such as:

  • Breathability
  • Moisture absorption
  • The ease of washing
  • Durability
  • Air permeability
  • Shape preservation.


Our materials are absolutely hypoallergenic and safe for the little ones. Besides, all the fillers used have a hygienic certificate.

Our creative designers make mesmerizing items with unique designs because they are inspired by mothers and childhood. We use bright natural colors and make our items comfortable to use in various situations. Due to this, the blankets are made as envelope-plaids 2 in 1.


Why should you buy baby blankets and other handmade items at the Woollyfox store?

Here, at the Woollyfox store, we take care of every customer and want to make high-quality products affordable for them. We use simple and cheap materials to offer a low price on our handmade products. Choose a suitable item for your infant or make a perfect gift for the birth of a child, baptism, Christmas, or any other holiday. It’s also a good way to express your love and care without a reason.

Various colors and unique designs will allow making a perfect choice of a mini quilt. Our store also offers many products on sale. Make an order, and we will organize fast delivery across Europe and the USA.