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Create numerous interesting items with our accessories

Creativity is something that attracts millions of people and helps them express their emotions, feelings, and personalities. Various creative activities can become a wonderful hobby to do alone or together with other people. Besides, it’s a perfect way to make truly unique items with your own hands. High-quality accessories are something indispensable when it concerns creative activities. Order it at the Woollyfox online store and let your imagination work wonders.


Accessories available at the Woollyfox store

Our catalog offers a great collection of beaded wood. Such accessories are the most popular for the creation of numerous handmade items. There are various ways to use beads to make unique products with your own hands.

There are different round bead sizes available in stock, so you can buy:

  • 20 mm
  • 23 mm
  • 25 mm.

Just choose the diameter you need or use various sizes of beads to start your perfect creative work.

The key thing about our beads is that they are natural, which makes them safe and ecologically friendly. Only high-quality wood from a beech tree is used to manufacture the items, so they are able to provide not just an ideal visual look but also strength and durability. At the same time, they are easy to work with because there’re holes already made in them.


What can you make with wood beads?

Our accessories are versatile, so it’s just your imagination that can choose a perfect way of bead application. It’s possible to create any original ideas. However, there are a few popular ways to use the accessories to make something unique and creative:

  • Various pieces of jewelry made with the help of natural materials become more popular these days. It’s possible to make bracelets, necklaces, and other varieties. It’s possible to use one bead in the center or add numerous ones of various sizes. Besides, the accessories can be easily painted or varnished to create a perfect item. Such jewelry can become a perfect present and be used as a charm because being made with your own hands, it contains a part of your soul and energy. The designs available with beads are endless. It’s possible to find interesting ideas on the Internet or use your imagination and intuition.
  • Rattles and rodent toys. Various playable items for kids are an extremely important element of their development and education. Every parent who takes care of children wants to offer the best to them. And there’s nothing better than handmade toys. With the help of wood elements added to rattles or other playable items, it’s possible to stimulate the natural development of various skills. The wood surface is pleasant and natural. Thus, your little ones will explore the real world from the earliest age. Besides, the material is safe and eco-friendly, so nothing negative will happen if your kid licks the accessories or puts them into their mouth. Beads have a one-piece structure, which is why a child won’t swallow a part of it. Along with those important benefits, handmade toys created with wood beads for craft are unique. You kid can keep it as a relict to remember about your love and care.
  • Sling beads. Such items are frequently called feeding beads because they are used my moms during the feeding process. They are represented by necklaces, which are made of beads that can be additionally covered with fabric. When you feed a child, he or she might touch those items to feel more comfortable. In addition, such an activity helps the development of the little ones because starting from 3 months, the skill of grasping objects appears. Later, when the first teeth begin to appear, sling buses might be used to scratch the gums and soothe your baby. Such items can be also hung on a stroller to make the process of walking more exciting and diverse for an infant.
  • Dolls and toys. Mass-produced playable items are rarely unique. They might be bright but the child will soon lose interest in them. If you really want to give something special to your kid, make a doll or a toy by yourself with the help of wood beads. There are thousands of ideas on the Internet that can be easily realized even if you don’t have experience in creative activity. A handmade toy from a parent will bear a significant meaning to a kid and allow him or her to feel your warmth even if you are at a distance. 
  • Busy boards. When it’s hard to find a good toy to educate your little ones, make them yourself. Busy boards are extremely important today, while the use of beads is essential to develop sensory and motor skills, sorting abilities, color-matching, etc. Thus, by adding a few other elements, everyone can make an affordable busy board with their own hands. It’s also possible to make other educational toys out of felt and supplement them with beads.
  • Interior decorations. While we always want to make our house unique and cozy, it’s sometimes hard to find something suitable for this purpose. There’s nothing better for the warm and comfortable atmosphere at home than things made by hand. Wood beads might become a part of numerous handmade items, including decorative curtains, lighting fixtures, chandeliers, and various compositions. The accessories look natural and can be easily combined with other elements for an ideal design.

Beads are an indispensable material for macramé and needlework.

Our accessories are very comfortable to work and cheap. It can be treated with oil, covered with varnish, painted in various colors, or even polished.


Order at Woollyfox

The Woollyfox online store is a place, where you can realize all your ideas. Along with a wide collection of handmade products, we also offer high-quality accessories and everything you might need to start your own creative process. Order wood beads at a low price or choose the products on sale, and we will deliver the accessories across Europe and the USA.