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Baby play gym is a must-have for the natural development of your children

Every parent wants to give the best to their kids. However, the thing is not to buy all the possible modern toys. It’s much better to choose the right ones, which help not only pass the time but also educate and develop naturally. A baby play gym is one of such playthings.

What is a play gym?

Such playthings are created as colorful and interactive constructions with diverse toys hanging on them, which help small children develop in different directions from the first days of life. They create a safe and educative environment and stimulate our little ones to explore and learn. A play gym is a good choice for babies from 2-3 months. However, they might get interested in it even earlier.

Such constructions are very effective for the early development of babies. They possess the following advantages:

  • The stimulation of sensory. For the stimulation of babies’ senses, there are numerous toys, rattles, and even mirrors in such baby gyms. Kids are very curious, so such a construction motivates them to explore and develop cognitive skills at the earliest stage.
  • The development of visual tracking. The toys are bright and colorful. Due to this fact, babies are eager to follow them. As a result, it leads to effective visual development.
  • The improvement of motor skills. Children get excited when they see those hanging elements. They try to reach and grasp them. As a result, motor skills and hand-eye coordination keep developing naturally. Thanks to this, babies will be able to fulfill more complicated movements later.
  • The possibility to have a productive tummy time. Use a soft mat to allow your little one to pass some time on the tummy. It’s very useful for the strengthening of the neck and the muscles of the upper body. It might also have a positive influence on earlier sitting or crawling.

With play gyms for babies, kids can learn how to independently entertain themselves. Besides, they allow building a stronger bond between parents and children.

The diversity of constructions

Modern baby gyms come in various shapes, materials, and colors. However, it’s preferable to choose simpler and more natural ones. The safest and most effective constructions are made of wood. It’s a safe and environmentally friendly material, which additionally gives a baby a chance to get familiar with a natural material with its texture and scent. Wooden constructions might be different depending on the toys hanging on them. It’s possible to buy a ready-made set or choose the components by yourself to replace the elements and make the game even more exciting and productive for infants.

The elements might be made of various textiles, which are pleasant and interesting to touch. The toys can be represented by different cute animals and figures:

  • Rabbits
  • Foxes
  • Trees and plants
  • Bears
  • Hedgehogs
  • Mice
  • Tigers
  • Giraffes, and various others.

Elements applied to a wooden construction are usually made of safe and hypoallergenic materials, which are pleasant to touch and interesting to pull.

How to choose?

Here are several recommendations for those who want to find a good baby gym for the natural development of their kids:

  1. Think about safety as a priority. The choice of modern toys is extremely wide, so it’s always necessary to prefer those, which are harmless for your child. It’s recommended to choose natural materials and durable constructions, which doesn’t have small elements. Besides, remember that smack children tend to put everything in their mouths, so the construction should be made of safe and ecologically friendly materials. Besides, consider how longit will serve in order to make a good investment.
  2. Choose a suitable gym for your kid. Every child is unique and has preferences from the earliest age. Keep that in mind when choosing a baby gym. Gyms with detachable toys are much more practical and useful. Remember that you can buy a set of or separate hanging elements to add certain diversity to the game and development.
  3. Consider the ease of maintenance. When it concerns children, everything should be clean to prevent problems. Thus, play gyms also need to be regularly cleaned. Choose constructions and elements, which can be easily maintained and kept clean.
  4. Think about storage. It’s necessary to have enough space for such a plaything. Consider the space available and choose a play gym of a suitable size. Think about whether you are going to store or move it somewhere.

How to make the most out of the plaything?

When you find a perfect play gym, it’s crucial to know how to use it in the right and most effective way for a child. Consider several tips to help your baby naturally learn and develop:

  • Have a soft mat on the floorto create a comfortable and safe environment for a child.
  • Choose suitable hanging elements and don’t use all of them straight away – it’s better to start with just one toy to help your little one learn to concentrate. Begin with simple toys and gradually move on to more complicated elements.
  • Avoid using too many toys because it might lead to overstimulation, which will provoke stress in your child.
  • For the stimulation of imagination and the development of various skills, use combinations of toys as soon as your little one gets familiar with each of them individually.
  • Diversify the pastime of a child by letting him or her to play independently and together with you. It’s not just a chance to teach kids to entertain themselves but also a wonderful opportunity to talk with your little one, show interesting parts of toys, and simply be close to your baby.

In the catalog of our Wooly Fox store, you will find safe and high-quality play gyms and a great diversity of nice and effective toys for newborns. Our products will help your children naturally develop, learn, and improve their skills.

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