Help your children discover the real world from the earliest age

Help your children discover the real world from the earliest age

The choice of various toys for kids is an integral part of parenthood. Sometimes, adults do not pay enough attention to the right choice of toys. At the same time, they are able to effectively stimulate the development of children. Mobiles for cribs are one of the popular options, which many parents choose as the first toys for their babies. Modern toys of such a type are diverse, so it’s required to correctly choose them. Pay attention to materials, functions, colors, and many other important things. In most cases, it’s recommended to prefer something natural and connected with real life.


The benefits of ‘natural’ toys

Natural toys of various types provide numerous advantages. Some of the main ones include:

  • Absolute safety. Such playing things are created of natural materials in most cases. Thus, they are hypoallergenic and pleasant to touch. For baby mobiles, wood and textiles are mostly used. As a result, such toys allow developing the eye coordination, sensory, and many other skills from the earliest ages.
  • Real-world representation. Natural toys are made on the basis of real objects. They might represent animals, vehicles, natural phenomena, etc. For example, when you buy a safari crib mobilemade of felt you can introduce your little one to the animals living in a certain area as well as plants that grow there.
  • Pleasant look. Even though the toys represent real objects, they are made in a cute and even funny manner. As a result, they look more childish and pleasant to the eye.
  • Compared to many modern mobiles made of plastic and supplemented with sounds and lights, natural variations are simpler and cheaper. It’s possible to buy several varieties and replace the hanging objects from time to time.
  • Natural colors, shapes, and patterns. High-quality mobiles are not only made of natural materials. The creators also choose natural colors, which add to the process of real-world exploration. Even the smallest children can look at them without the feeling of irritation.

All the described advantages make baby mobiles not just beautiful and safe but extremely effective for the development of the brain, eye strengthening, and soothing.


Recommendations for the use of baby mobiles

When it concerns our little ones, safety is the first priority. Here are a few recommendations for parents:

  1. Make sure a mobile is properly mounted. In most cases, it should be installed on a crib. Try to mount it tightly so that to prevent any risks of falling on a little one.
  2. Start using a playing thing as soon as your little one is able to properly see and focus on the objects. The average age is 2-3 months. However, it’s possible to mount it earlier.
  3. Choose a suitable position to let a mobile and its elements hang right above the eyes of your little one. He or she should be able to follow the objects without additional eye strain.

The natural design of a safari baby mobile and other similar mobiles for babies will support any parent and give them some time for household chores without any risks for the kid. If you are searching for the best mobiles for a child or want to give a nice present to a newborn, choose one of the wonderful handmade mobiles at the Woollyfox store. Here, all the natural themes are presented, and every toy is made with love and care. Order the best toys for your little ones, and we will deliver them across the USA and Europe.

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