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How to care for a felt baby mobile for crib?

Our baby mobiles for crib's are not only beautiful but also practical. They are easy to care for and will maintain their appearance if you follow some simple rules.

How to care for a felt baby crib mobile?

  • You can steam the toys.
  • If a toy is lightly soiled or covered in dust, it is recommended to use dry cleaning methods such as a soft clothing brush, lint roller, or tape.
  • If stains don't come off with a damp cloth, use a gentle stain remover. Do not rub vigorously.
  • Sometimes a child may get food on the toy. In such cases, wait for the stain to dry, then gently remove the dry crumbs.
  • If the toy falls into a liquid (soup, tea, a pot šŸ˜…), you can briefly soak it in lukewarm water with a mild laundry detergent. Do not rub or wring by hand. Gently squeeze, immerse it in clean cool water for a few minutes, gently squeeze a couple of times in the water, then wrap it in a terrycloth towel, gently squeeze, and allow it to air dry, but not in direct sunlight!

Remember that felt toys should not be:

  • Bleached or cleaned with chemical agents.
  • Washed in a washing machine.
  • Washed in hot water.
  • Wrung out.
  • Dried in direct sunlight, with a hairdryer, or on a hot radiator.

Got it?


šŸ„° Now your enchanting carousel will continue its magical work, bringing happiness to your little one and peace to your family!

The colors of your baby mobile's rainbow

Colorful figures swaying slowly above your baby's head. What do their colors signify?

  • White - the color of pure innocence and mother's milk, an ambassador of peaceful and restful baby sleep.
  • Yellow - the color of the sun, little birds, and soft sand. It brings a smile just by its presence and provides your baby with a supply of good mood for the entire day.
  • Orange - not only found in oranges and amazing sunsets but also a source of energy, strength, and a zest for life.
  • Red - it's love, remember? It's also closeness, joy, and happiness.
  • Pink - a guide to the land of girlish dreams. It's the cotton candy shade, unicorns, roses, and the first dresses.
  • Purple - the color of mysteries, wealth, and sophistication. Rare in nature, it stands out among the rest.
  • Blue - the color of harmony, trust, peace, sympathy, honesty, and carefreeness. By just looking at it, a child learns to communicate with the world!
  • Green - the color of delicate spring grass and frosty Christmas trees symbolizes youth, health, and harmony.
  • Natural minimalism of gray shades goes well with almost all the colors of the rainbow. It's the versatile soldier of our felt beauty army šŸ˜˜

Most importantly, all these colors, from which we create our mobiles for baby cribs, are hypoallergenic and safe from the first days of life! All of them are available in our workshop!

šŸŒˆ So, which colors are you choosing for your baby crib mobile?

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