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Mobiles for Boys and Girls: Is There a Difference?

Colorful Gender Norms: The Historical Evolution of Pink and Blue

Mobiles for Boys and Girls: Is There a Difference?

Did you know that in Europe, girls used to be dressed in pink and boys in blue only starting from the 1920s? Long before that, it was the opposite: blue was considered the color of youth and innocence (Virgin Mary and virtuous Cinderella wore blue at some point), and boys were dressed in pink as a subdued version of red, the active color of manliness.

Most sociologists believe that the trend of associating pink or blue with gender was purely marketing-driven: to make parents buy more varied clothing instead of universal white and gray.

However, regardless of the history, we at Woollyfox l know well from your orders and feedback:

  • Both mothers of girls and mothers of boys create their own stories: they choose colors, plots, characters, and the number of toys in the final design to suit their taste.
  • Some love colorful, vibrant stories with numerous characters, while others prefer minimalist plots in pastel tones.
  • Sometimes we create repeats, other times we modify individual elements in the models, and in some cases, we create something entirely new.

Every mom knows what's best for her little one. And at Woollyfox, we know how to bring it to life: in every millimeter of fabric - ecological and safe for children's health, and in every stitch and seam, a piece of our soul forever remains ❤️.

Choosing a mobile in "Get Ready for Childbirth at Any Cost" mode?

You'll get it on time!

You just need to choose a baby mobile that will make your heart sing!

  • Find an artist whose style and aesthetics you like. The mobile for crib will become a significant part of your new life and, we have every reason to believe, will lull not only the baby 😉.
  • Only natural hypoallergenic materials, no plastic or synthetics in the composition. Shiny materials should not shed, and the filler should not protrude from the seams. Be sure to ask the artist about this.
  • A great idea is to create a mobile that matches the color of the crib bumpers or bedding in your baby's crib.
  • It's important to create the mobile with the color scheme of your living space or the baby's room in mind. If it's not ready yet, you can choose a few main colors to develop accents.
  • If there are characters, stories, places, or details that hold a special meaning for you, and just the thought of them makes you smile, you can create a mobile composition around that theme.
  • After 6 months, do you plan to remove the mobile or let the baby play with it? You should take this into account regarding small details, beads, etc.

Many moms order five-color mobiles for brightness. However, child ophthalmologists and neurologists say that in the first months, this is a significant irritant for the baby's nervous system, which may not lull them to sleep but, on the contrary, overstimulate them. Maybe it's worth choosing something with a pastel color palette?

This is the "protocol" that Woollyfox follows.

Because we also have our own mode, and it's called: "Make a Pregnant Woman Happy at Any Cost."

Oh, we're masters at that and in creating a unique baby mobiles for crib!

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