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Muslin baby blanket

Muslin baby blanket

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A muslin baby blanket is an excellent solution for a baby, because muslin itself has a super ability to pass air, it is 100% cotton, it does not cause allergies and is very pleasant to the body.

An airy, soft muslin blanket will definitely appeal to your baby. Soft, airy, natural, hypoallergenic, breathable - the advantages of muslin are endless! The size of the blanket will allow you to take it with you for a walk, cover the baby in a stroller, crib, car seat. And thanks to the convenient belt, you can use the blanket on discharge from the maternity hospital.

Fabric: Double layered muslin
Color: powdery pink
100% cotton
The breathable fabric has excellent moisture absorption and is hypoallergenic.

Siliconized syntepon; hypoallergenic
After wrinkling or washing, it quickly recovers its shape.
The filler has a Hygienic certificate.

envelope-plaid 2 in 1.
Size: 100x100 (39,4х39,4 inches)
Good air permeability, quickly absorbs moisture.
The product is suitable for repeated washing, does not lose its shape and does not deform.
Washing: delicate mode (30 degrees)