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Big fruit toy set, Felt pretend play food 28 pcs

Big fruit toy set, Felt pretend play food 28 pcs

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Kids set of fruits - an exciting game set, with which the child will learn to recognize colors and distinguish shapes, is ideal for role-playing games, which are so useful at an early age.

Your child will enjoy playing with these fruits and vegetables and will be able to cook delicious food for you, dolls or toys.
Ideal for a preschool or kindergarten classroom for teaching children.

Felt fruits are made for children over 18 months, and allow a child to explore the world. The game set promotes the development of fine motor skills, concentration and imagination. All items in the set are absolutely safe for the child's body. The materials from which vegetables and fruits are made do not contain harmful additives and components. They do not cause allergies or skin irritation.

✔️The set includes:
1 caterpillar
whole watermelon
watermelon slice
whole avocado
2 halves of avocado
whole orange
a slice of orange
whole lemon
a slice of lemon
6 strawberries
2 apples (green and red)
2 halves of apple
2 pears
2 halves of a pear
2 cherry branches
1 bag

The set consists of 28 items and bag for them.

You can create a special set of only those parts that you would like to have - just ask me for a special order!

American felt
Hypoallergenic filler (hollofayber)