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Montessori Rattle, Wooden Rattle for Toddlers

Montessori Rattle, Wooden Rattle for Toddlers

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Designed in Ukraine, our handmade minimalist Wooden rattle are the perfect size for baby and toddler hands to make as much natural noise as possible, also help accelerate motor skill development, assists in building coordination, and develops a sense of creativity in kids.

Purpose: This Montessori Rattle musical instrument helps accelerate brain development in children.

The rattle is made of 100% natural materials and does not contain harmful substances. Develops the baby's tactile senses. When used, the ring emits a melodious sound. The rattle is made according to the technology of M. Montessori's pedagogy.

The length of the toy is 11 cm

Recommended for children from 6 months