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Newborn Activity Gym - fruit play gym toys

Newborn Activity Gym - fruit play gym toys

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These entertaining activity gyms will keep your baby busy during play time.

Whether you call it a playmat, play gym or an activity gym, the idea is the same: a brightly colored and interactive mat for your baby’s play time. They provide a safe, comfy spot for your little one to relax, play and work on their developing skills.

When do you need a PlayGym?
You can use a play gym from day one, but babies between three to six months old love it the most. During this stage, your baby is developing hand-eye coordination, so grasping for the dangling toys is good practice.

Length of the toy with beech ring ~ 31-33 cm ( 12.2-13 inches)
Inner diameter of the beech ring ~ 3.5cm ( 1.3 inches)

American felt
Hypoallergenic filler (hollofayber)


Dry cleaning with a sticky roller is possible.
If you have a heavy pollution it is allowed hand washing of the certain toys carefully with a baby soap.
Dry toys between two light towels.
Don’t use washing machine!