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Orange play food

Orange play food

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 A set of educational toys for children in the form of realistic three-dimensional oranges (2 whole) and 2 slices.

You can buy the complete set or separately

Felt food is a great option for your game kitchen or market, as well as a beautiful decor for your home.

Your child will enjoy playing with these fruits and vegetables and will be able to cook delicious food for you, dolls or toys.
Ideal for a preschool or kindergarten classroom for teaching children.

Felt fruits are recommended for children over 18 months and allow the child to learn about the world around him. Playing with this set, the child develops fine motor skills of the fingers, begins to distinguish shapes and colors, becomes stronger and more adult. All items in the set are completely safe for the child's body. The materials from which vegetables and fruits are made do not contain harmful additives and components. They do not cause allergies or skin irritation.

This listing includes 2 whole Oranges and 2 slices

Height 8 cm (3,14 inch)
Width 10 cm (3,94 inch)