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St. Patrick's Day acorns ornaments Set of 7

St. Patrick's Day acorns ornaments Set of 7

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A collection of 7 rustic natural ornaments to give as gifts this holiday season.
The set includes 7 green acorns with an orange beard and hair in the form of fun little gnomes and with a natural hat.

People love such acorns so much! This is maybe because of their versatility. They can be used in so many ways!
You can use them as wedding favors, guest favors, baby shower favors, use them to pack your gifts, use them as holiday gifts, use them as table decoration or on your Christmas tree.

Perfect for any season - real oak acorn cap and handmade felted ball ornaments.

Each ornament is unique as there is no identical acorn cap in nature. Some of them are with stems, some are not.

Size: varies as real big acorns do (about 2.5-3 cm / about 0.8-1.2 inches)

Materials: real acorn cap, wool, thread.

Buying two or more sets and need them to be packed in separately? Let me know.
Otherwise everything will be packed in one box.