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Wooden Figures Sorter, Geometric Sorter Shape

Wooden Figures Sorter, Geometric Sorter Shape

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Sorter is a great toy for developing the basic necessary skills to assimilate information, remember and use. Thanks to this toy, the child will be able to learn colors, geometric shapes and learn to distinguish them. The sorter allows the child to move from abstract forms to concrete ones. It is also a training of perseverance and attentiveness. Help your child cope with the first analytical tasks and turn it into a fun game!

This sorter is a must-have for kids as the first developmental and educational toys. Playing with it, the kid, without straining, and even with special curiosity, will very quickly learn geometric figures, learn to logically sort all of them. Sorters help develop attentiveness, fine motor skills, memory, perseverance, logic and prudence.

The sorter is a 100% ecological product, the stand with the sorting columns is made of natural wood, and the geometric shapes that are put on them.

The toy has a light weight and small dimensions of 23x16 cm - optimal for children. All figurines are comfortable for a child's hand (since wood is a warm material), smooth and comfortable, with a hole of sufficient diameter for putting the figurines on the sorting posts.