Neutral baby mobiles as a universal choice of toys

Neutral baby mobiles as a universal choice of toys

Modern toys are represented by an impressive diversity, which makes it really difficult to make a choice. Today, it’s possible to find various toys for both girls and boys, which might differ depending on their colors, shapes, and other peculiarities. Baby mobiles for cribs are not an exception. Numerous varieties make it hard to buy a suitable toy when you are not sure about the gender of an unborn child or want to make a nice present. As a result, gender neutral baby mobiles can become a perfect choice.


What is a neutral baby mobile?

Neutral toys of any type are playing things, which have a design suitable for both boys and girls. As for baby mobiles, they are special constructions that include diverse hanging objects, which are able to attract the attention of a child and stimulate him or her to focus the attention.

Neutral baby mobiles are characterized by a definite choice of colors and shapes. It means that they don’t contain any ‘girlish’ or ‘boyish’ things such as pink hints, dolls, cars, etc. Let’s observe various types of mobiles, which can be considered neutral and universal:

  • Mobiles created with forest, safari, and jungle themes. Such toys are ideal for any child because they represent the animals and plants, which we can see in the real world. They are cute and nice and aren’t connected to the definite gender.
  • Mobiles with trains. Trains are those toys, which both boys and girls play with from the earliest ages. As a result, such a design makes the plaything perfect for baby boys and baby girls. They will like their nice visual look and know more about the surrounding world.
  • Mobiles representing the underwater world. Various fish and sea creatures are an ideal choice for children. They are unusual and extremely beautiful. Thanks to their special form, they will help an infant to learn more new things.
  • Mobiles with natural phenomena. Playthings representing clouds, space bodies, and other things connected with nature will become a universal solution for any child. Your little ones will discover how the sun, rain, and other things around us look.

Speaking about ‘neutrality’, it’s extremely important to pay attention to colors. For such baby mobiles, more neutral and natural shades are always chosen. They include light blue, gray, beige, white, brown, emerald, yellow, and other colors. Such hints are not irritating and look extremely pleasant to the eyes of newborns. As a result, they stimulate the development of basic physical and cognitive skills as well as soothe and comfort a child at the same time. Thus, your little one is able to entertain themselves or easily fall asleep without anything disturbing.


How to buy a modern neutral baby mobile?

When buying mobiles, it’s crucial to choose suitable and safe materials. Neutral toys made of felt will become the best choice because they will prevent any possible risks of hurting a child. Besides, it’s important to take care of a proper installation. A mobile should be tightly mounted on a crib.

A good choice of handmade baby mobiles in neutral styles and colors might be found at the Woollyfox store. Make a perfect gift at a moderate price and support the natural development of your little one with the best playing things made with love and care. The orders can be delivered to any part of Europe and the USA.

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