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Felt Acorns in a basket, Rustic Decor

Felt Acorns in a basket, Rustic Decor

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A set of three-dimensional acorns for the decor of your home, or a wonderful toy for a child made of natural and safe materials.

Ideal for special occasions or home decor. It will be a great gift and will perfectly complement your interior.
It is a combination of high quality, practicality and stylish design.

We can also make a personalized inscription on the acorn in the form of a letter or any symbol of your choice.

It can be purchased both individually and in a complete set of three (with or without a basket).

Height 13 cm (5,1 inch)
Width 7.5 cm (2,95 inch)

American felt
holofiber filler

Dry cleaning with a sticky roller is possible.
If you have a heavy pollution it is allowed hand washing of the certain toys carefully with a baby soap.
Dry toys between two light towels.
Don’t use washing machine!