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Handmade Pastel crochet Rabbit in Overalls

Handmade Pastel crochet Rabbit in Overalls

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Handmade Pastel Knitted Rabbit in Overalls - Dreamy Nursery Decor or Playtime Companion!

Meet our charming Handmade Knitted Rabbit, dressed in soft pastel overalls! This sweet rabbit is the perfect addition to your nursery decor or a beloved playtime companion for your little one.

🐇 Crafted with tenderness and meticulous attention to detail, each rabbit is lovingly knitted by hand using premium-quality yarn in delicate pastel shades. The cozy overalls add an extra layer of sweetness to this timeless classic, creating a unique toy that will capture hearts.

🌟 Not only is this knitted rabbit irresistibly cute, but it's also durable and safe for all ages. Whether you're searching for a special baby shower gift, a memorable birthday present, or a delightful addition to your own collection, this gentle rabbit is sure to bring warmth to everyone it encounters!

🎨 Key Features:
- Handmade with precision and care
- Clothes can be taken off and put back on the bunny
- Soft and cuddly texture
- Charming pastel overalls design
- Safe for all ages
- Perfect for nursery decor or playtime fun

Height 23 cm
Width 15 cm