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Valentines acorns ornaments | Hand Painted acorns Set of 6

Valentines acorns ornaments | Hand Painted acorns Set of 6

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Valentine's Acorn Ornaments - Hand Painted Set of 6 🌈

Make this Valentine's Day truly special with our charming hand-painted acorn ornaments, crafted from real acorns for an added touch of rustic elegance.

Introducing our vibrant set of 6 hand-painted acorns, each adorned with a beautiful white heart, celebrating the diversity of love in the colors of the LGBTQ+ flag. These unique ornaments are more than decorations; they symbolize the inclusivity and warmth of love in all its forms.

Crafted with care and painted in the colors of the rainbow, each acorn is a small yet powerful expression of love and acceptance. Whether displayed as a set or given as individual tokens, these LGBTQ+ Love Acorns are a beautiful representation of unity and pride.

Spread the message of love, diversity, and acceptance with this heartfelt set of handcrafted ornaments. May these colorful acorns brighten your space and serve as a reminder that love knows no boundaries.

Materials: real acorn, thread.

Buying two or more sets and need them to be packed in separately? Let me know.
Otherwise everything will be packed in one box.