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Wooden rainbow

Wooden rainbow

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This rainbow-shaped toy is designed to give positive emotions! The wooden toy is eco-friendly, pleasant to the touch, and durable. Use the example of the rainbow to teach children the names of colors, the basics of the structure of nature, or just create amazing fairy-tale stories. Basic motor skills and logic are also developed when the child puts together the parts of the rainbow. This is a wonderful and useful option for a gift to a child!

The toy develops:
• mathematical thinking;
• analysis and logic;
• fine and gross motility of hands;
• flexibility of hands;
• persistence;
• memory and color perception.

Also, which is very important in the development of the baby, it captures and trains the ability to concentrate on the task. The main task in solving the puzzle is to assemble a figure from several fragments and select for each corresponding hole.

Size: 25x12 cm
Material: wood